Motorcycle Burnout Jimmy Burnout's Big-Wheel Stunt Bagger

Burning rubber with a Street Glide

Street Glide burnout

Jimmy Burnout punishing rubber.

John Zamora

It’s not often you run across someone thrashing on their expensive parking-lot show-class motorcycles. Sure, quick rips up and down the boulevard or standstill burnouts are one thing, but to see a beauty queen being abused with stand-up wheelies, bar-lock-to-bar-lock burnouts in drifts of white smoke, is something completely different. When we heard that showman Jimmy “Burnouts” Cyphers was building a 26-inch wheel stunt bike called the “Slide Glide” we had to see exactly what the hell he was thinking!

Where did this bike originate?
After many years of abuse and torture to my 2007 Harley-Davidson Street Glide, and after shredding about 200 or more rear tires, I decided it was time for a makeover. The bike had taken a few spills over the years and was looking and feeling worn out.

Street Glide custom

When it's not setting off smoke alarms, this Street Glide looks hot just sitting there.

John Zamora

But a big-wheel stunt bike?
I had already converted the bike to a big wheel a few years back, and today the big-wheel Harleys don’t get too much love from the performance side of the industry. I myself am a huge fan of performance, so I wanted to put together a bike that combined the two worlds.

But it doesn’t look like a typical beat-up stunt bike.
I wanted a bike that looks like a complete show bike, that can be taken to the track and raced, throw it into some canyon twisties, drag a burnout all the way down the block, or 12 o’clock wheelie. That is how the Slide Glide came to be.

How did you plan to do all that with a single bike?
This was my first attempt at building a bike. Right now the “performance bagger” is the hot thing. I see some amazing, well-put-together machines with all the right stuff but yet to see anyone “perform” on the bike. I wanted to change that.

So how does it perform?
The Slide Glide was built to handle any abuse I throw at it. She performs like a racebike but looks like a trailer queen.

Street Glide burnout

Burnout Garage killed it with this custom bagger!

John Zamora

Owner: Jimmy Cyphers
Shop: Burnout Garage
Year/Make/Model: 2007/Harley-Davidson/Street Glide
Assembly: Big Jim, George, and Moos from Misfit industries
Build Time: 5 months
Year/Type/Size: 2007/H-D/103ci
Builder: Bennett’s Performance
Cases: H-D
Cylinders: H-D
Heads: H-D
Rocker Boxes: H-D
Cams: Dave Mackie 575
Throttle Body: 54mm Horse Power Inc.
Air Cleaner: CMP Motorcycles
EFI Controller: ThunderMaxx
Exhaust: Fab 28 Industries
Primary Cover: Strictly Hawgs
Year/Type: 2007/H-D
Gears: H-D
Clutch: AIM Lock up
Primary Drive: H-D
Year/Type: 2007/H-D
Rake/Stretch: Misfit slip-fit short neck, 30° rake w/ 8° trees/1.625 in. out stretch
Front End: Progressive Suspension
Length: 0.625 in. over
Triple Trees: Misfit Industries
Fork Cans: Strictly Hawgs
Swingarm: Trac Dynamics
Rear Shocks: Progressive Suspension 970s
Wheels, Tires, and Brakes
Builder/Size: Wana-Ryd Electron/26 in.
Tire/Size: 120/55R-26
Calipers: H-D
Rotors: Wana-Ryd
Builder/Size: Wana-Ryd/18 in.
Tire/Size: 150/70B-18
Caliper: H-D
Rotor: Wana-Ryd
Pulley: Bullet Proof Cycles Sprocket
Manufacturer: Xecution Style
Colors: Black/gray
Paint/Graphics: Gloss black faux steel vents
Plating/Polishing: Brushed steel
Powdercoating: Strictly Hawgs
Front Fender: Misfit Industries Streamline
Rear Fender: Shortened Barnstrom Cycles
Bags: Custom from Barnstorm Cycles
Bag Latches: Strictly Hawgs
Gas Tank: Custom from Barnstorm Cycles
Dash: H-D
Gauges: H-D
Handlebars: Misfit Industries 12 in.
Grips: Roland Sands Designs
Mirrors: Custom
Hand Controls: Brembo master cylinder
Foot Controls: Rook Customs toe shifter and linkage
Floorboards: Burly Brand MX boards
Headlight: Anzo Garage
Taillight: Custom
Electrical: Big Jim
Turn Signals: Custom
License Mount: Custom
Seat: Lucky Dave’s