Von Braun Exhaust Build to Order Program

Von Braun Exhaust's new Build to Order program will not only build your dream muffler system, they'll also help you dream. Von Braun's pioneering use of modern tools and technology mixed with old-world craftsmanship is what makes "The Dominator" pictured here, come to life. The spike pattern was digitally transferred onto each canister for a total of 86 precision-placed, drilled, and tapped holes per muffler (172 total for the pair). A full-length, louvered-core baffle was then modified to work within the muffler body, and the canister was coated in a super-high-temperature black finish. Each muffler was then meticulously hand assembled, and-voila-sophisticated-primitive was born.

Von Braun Exhaust:
www.VonBraunUSA.com / Phone: 774-563-8296