Used and Abused | Direct-Lift ProCycle DT Motorcycle Lift

If you are going to do any sort of work on your bike more than putting air in the tires, a lift in your garage is a must. It will save your back and knees and keep you from getting squashed when a 1,000-pound bike flops over while you’re wrenching from the floor. I have used many lifts and most of them have the same features. Most are low-quality and become downright scary when using them. This lift is the exception and is a real quality piece of equipment. The air-operated ProCycle DT has a 24x93-inch diamond plate table, so it can hold the longest of choppers. To get the bikes on the lift it comes with a 20-inch removable approach ramp. To keep bikes secured while on the lift a beefy wheel chock is standard equipment. It’s only 645 bucks, so before you spend more dough on a some bling for your bike, do yourself a favor buy one of these lifts. Your body will thank you later.