SunTech Balance Masters Clutch Balancers

Balance Your Harley's Drivetrain

SunTech Balance Masters Clutch Balancers - Hot Bike Magazine

  • Smooth Out Clutch Imbalances
  • Automatically Readjusts Each Time The Clutch Engages
  • Bolts-On To The Stock Clutch
  • 3-Year Warranty

Genuine Balance Masters clutch balancing discs are self-adjusting active balancing devices that mount over the stock clutch pressure plate. They use a small amount of liquid heavy metal as a balancing medium, which is contained inside a sealed tube that is secured in the outer edge of the steel clutch balancer disc. As the clutch hub rotates, centrifugal force causes the balancing medium to counteract the heavy side of the clutch by moving to its light side, thus keeping the complete clutch assembly in perfect balance. This system not only self-adjusts to the clutch's rotational speed, it also readjusts to the rotating mass of the clutch plates and hub assembly each time the clutch is engaged.

Genuine Balance Masters clutch balancers are available for Harley-Davidson Big Twins and Sportsters from 1938 to present.

Genuine Balance Masters products are made in the U.S.A. by Sun-Tech Innovations, they are available at better motorcycle shops and direct from Sun-Tec Innovations. For further information and to find the closest Balance Masters dealer call, FAX or write: Sun-Tech Innovations, 19428 Business Ctr. Dr., Northridge, CA. 91324; Phone (818) 882-8431; FAX (818) 882-7859 or visit