Speed-Way Retractable, Waterproof and Locking Full Protection Shelter!

"Take Pride in Your Ride"

Speedway Motorsport Shelters provide affordable coverage for all motorcycles, ATVs, scooters; bicycles and riding lawn mowers... even firewood storage!

Santa Cruz, CA 4/12/12 - Speedway Motorsport Shelters offers a unique product that has the motorcycle community buzzing. After your ride, you pull into your driveway and into your bike's own, personal shelter. The retractable waterproof cover is easy to use, keeps out weather, dust and debris, with the added feature of cross-ventilation to prevent any condensation from occurring inside.

Included is an LED Bright Light which mounts to hardware inside the shelter, for easy night access; and with the addition of a Diamond-Tough floor (available separately), worries about oil drips, condensation and dust on the driveway are over. Now your bike can be parked in the garage, along side the house, or in the driveway, fully covered and completely safe with the security of a padlock.

Features and Benefits:

  • Built-in locking hardware for added security (lock not included)
  • Retractable structure makes access simple and quick -- no waiting for pipes to cool
  • Two Sizes Fits All: Standard/Sport and a Touring Shelter for full-dress touring bikes
  • Diamond Tough Floor (available) to prevent driveway drips and to keep out dust and moisture
  • Cross Ventilation with large window on each side of the shelter
  • Waterproof seams keep weather and condensation out
  • LED Bright Light (included) for night access
  • Carrying Case with Handles for portability
  • Wheel Chock available for perfect bike placement and stabilization

Speedway Motorsport Shelters is committed to creating quality, affordable products to the consumer that are functional, rugged and durable.