Slime | Power Sport 12 Volt Tire Inflator

Ever been stranded with a slow leak or just an old-fashion flat tire? Yeah, we have been through it as well and know it just plain sucks. That’s why we picked up one of these handy Slime inflator kits. This micro-sized air compressor is powered by 12V DC power and has a 300-psi capability. The inflator includes an oil-free compressor with tire gauge and an 18-inch air hose. Powering of the kit can vary with the situation thanks to interchangeable connections such as a 14-inch cord with DC power plug, a 14-inch cord with battery alligator clips, and an 8-foot cord with fuse to plug into the bike's main harness charging plug. This kit can inflate motorcycle tires with ease in seconds, stashes in its own carrying case, and can easily be slid in a saddlebag for your next erratic pneumatic adventure.