Russ Wernimont Design Convex Mirrors

Russ Wernimont Design Convex Mirrors - Hot Bike Magazine

"Small modifications can make a big difference." Russ Wernimont's view on design says it all: you don't have to completely overhaul your bike to give it a custom look. His 26 years of experience has produced some of the most in-demand aftermarket parts in the industry and RWD continues to innovate.

Russ Wernimont Designs' new series of convex, wide-angle mirrors not only offer a visual upgrade over stock but also an upgrade in vision. Their convex design increases your wide-angle view and shows you everything that you've been missing. When riding through traffic, you can't afford to limit your sight.

With contoured and diamond designs available with either chrome or matte black powder-coat finishes, you're bound to find a set of wide-angle mirrors that complements your bike. These universal-fit mirrors include mounting hardware and install in minutes. Mirror stems measure 5 1/4" horizontal by 4" vertical and flow smoothly into 5" x 3 1/4" mirror heads. Let RWD upgrade your look and your vision with their new series of custom-styled convex mirrors.

SUG. RETAIL: $49.95 (ea.)

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