JayBrake Tranzbrake

eliminate the need for a rear brake caliper and rotor.

The JayBrake Tranzbrake (MSRP starts at $2,199.00) is an integrated brake caliper system mounted directly to the transmission that eliminates the need for a rear brake caliper and rotor. The Tranzbrake is designed for right side drive transmissions only. JayBrake’s Tranzbrake is ideal for showing off custom wheels due to its eliminating the rear brake setup.

This brake system is supplied with 23 tooth sprocket, stainless steel rotor and stainless steel mounting hardware. Billet aluminum housing features an integrated brake caliper. It’s designed for chain drive applications only. There is no need to change seals or modify the transmission in any way. The JayBrake Tranzbrake is available in 4-piston in polished aluminum, chrome or black and is a hydraulic clutch only application. JayBrake hydraulic clutch controls are available for both hand and foot applications. Visit JBrake.com for specific applications and additional product information.