IMT Jac-Knife Highway Pegs

Innovative Metal Technology's Product Release

IMT Jac-Knife Highway Pegs - Hot Bike Magazine

The Jac-Knife is held in position with the use of a spring loaded ball plunger. The plunger indexes the peg by mating with a ball detent located on the surface of the mounting plate. The plunger also acts as a breakaway safety releasing and allowing the peg to move to the retracted position without causing any damage or loss of control.

Available in black anodized or chrome finish as well as round, standard or swept styles to match existing floorboards.

Optional kicker peg available for easy access while cruising down the road. These are HIGHLY recommended! They make it much easier to swing the highway peg out, with your foot, while riding. With a kicker peg they retail for $199.00 and without the kicker peg they retail for $179.00.

To get a hold of this Jac-Knife Motorcycle Highway Pegs call IMT at 402.474.7121 or visit their website at