Icon Super Duty 4 Boots | Used and Abused

To properly test a safety product, you have to crash it. I don’t know about you, but I don’t particularly like to crash on purpose. When it comes to Icon’s Super Duty 4 boots, I previously already given these boots a real live street crash test. When the bones were healed and it was all said and done, thankfully all my piggies were still wee-wee-weeing all the way home unharmed. The full leather construction left me walking from the scene with zero damage to my ankles and feet. In fact, the boots were still in perfect working condition and were able to be used afterwards. Thereis always a compromise between comfort and durability and it seems like the Super Duty 4s land somewhere right in the middle. What I particularly like about the shoes is the ability to wear them all day long and not look like a wanna-be racer goon. The boots come in stealth black, work book brown, or in a lighter wheat color and run about a buck-twenty. –JCZ.