Hot Bike tested / BURLY MX style pegs

More traction for the action

While recently prepping my low-budget beat up from the street up Tracker-esque Sporty to do battle at the local speedway race track's " Harley Night", the fine folks at Burly Brand sent some of their MX style footpegs over to the Hot Bike offices. As soon as I pulled them out of the box I was taken back to my youth and my time spent on smoky 2 stroke dirt bikes and bone rattling BMX bikes. The Burly MX pegs are inspired by the Motocross bikes of yore and constructed from real deal steel.This is just what was needed for my handlebar banging fest at the local speedway as my legs were sure to be flailing like a drunken showgirl as I battled with the other Mert Lawwill wannabes and I needed all the help I could get to keep my boots from going skyward.

With just a couple of simple hand tools and about 10 mins of time, I had them mounted up and already cracked open my first frosty adult beverage with the handy bottle opener that is built into the underside of the pegs. Needless to say I was already impressed. Onto the real test, riding with them. I rode with them for about a week before my speedway night escapade and was really impressed. They offer more cornering clearance than the stockers, which is always a bonus and with such a wide platform to rest my Redwings on, they provided a lot more comfort than any other foot controls short of floorboards with no hot spots on my feet. The traction the serrated edges provided was fantastic and it actually translated into giving me just a tad better bike control due to my sure footedness that made finessing and muscling the bike around a bit more easier.

they provided a lot more comfort than any other foot controls short of floorboards with no hot spots on my feet

I also played with the adjustable angle feature and really dug on it. For speedy riding in the local canyons and a few dirt fire roads, I tilted them a few degrees forward to match the natural angle of my feet while riding and then adjusted them back to flat for highway cruising.This worked like a charm. What's cool about this feature is that the adjustment range is literally endless to suit each riders tastes and needs. I can imagine rotating them rearwards for forward controls would work great as well.

The big speedway night came and the pegs came out a winner. The sole of my left boot had a nice little layer of dirt nestled into it after sliding my foot around a few corners in the first race and the Burly pegs just kept grabbing and laughing at the thought of any type of slip throughout the nights dirty festivities. The Main event came and I was ready for victory, or so I thought. I got off the line in 3rd place and made the pass for the lead on what I though was the last lap. I pulled across the finish line in the lead and shut it off, did a little celebration and thought of cracking open a cold one with the help of the Burly pegs when I rolled back into the pits. I was awoken from my celebratory trance when the entire field roared by me at race speeds, by then I had figured out that there was still 2 more laps to go! Brain fade at it's finest. I rolled back into the pits with my tail between my legs and still cracked open that cold one with the aid of the Burly pegs to drown my sorrows.

The Burly MX style pegs are great for all types of riding,are highly adjustable, look cool and are built with quality materials. You can't go wrong. They are available for Dyna and Sportster applications. From: $125.95

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