Ginz Choppers Sissy Bars

Ginz Choppers has new sissy bar designs for 2014. Thier expanded selection of styles now include the new Arrowhead, Peace Sign, Bayonet, Mad Joker and Devil Tail designs.

The Arrowhead and Devil Tail designs are similar 4 piece welded bars, except the Devil Tail is aggressively curved in the top tail section; the Bayonet is a 6 piece welded design with a hidden compartment in the 3-3/4” long round handle and a sealed screw on cap. The blade of the Bayonet is a beefy 1” wide by ¼” thick, the Peace Sign bar is a 7 piece welded design; and finally the Mad Joker bar resembles the cap of a Mad Joker for that little insanity in everybody.

Ginz Choppers welds are precision hand blended for a flawless finish. They offer heavy duty same style luggage racks welded directly on to the sissy bar for a super custom look for those heavy overnight bags, or universal bolt-on luggage racks for the lighter day bag use.

Ginz has a variety of sissy bar systems, luggage racks and backrest pads for many cruiser and custom motorcycle brands and models.

All sissy bars are custom made/hand crafted to order for your bike, and are available in lengths from 10” to 30” above the rear fender. Chrome and powder coat finishes available.

For more information, call 949-916-2701 or go to