Exile Cycles Grip Kits with Grip Ace Digital Switches

Digital motorcycle switch system allows riders to control all motorcycle switch functions with clean handlebars.

Exile Cycles Grip Kits with Grip Ace Digital Switches - Hot Bike Magazine

Grip Ace Digital Switch Kits are used on the clean handlebar Exile bikes featured in the FastDates.com 2012 Iron & Lace Calendar.

Hollywood, CA , March 2010 - Celebrity builder Russell Mitchell at Exile Cycles is know for his clean and simple looking, no frills custom bikes without any visible switches, wiring or cables, not even control levers on the handlebars. One of the ways Russell achieves that look is with the GripAce Digital Switch Kit featuring their unique Patented Rubber Switch Pad installed in 4 different styles of Exile 1-inch handlebar grip sets for Harley type handlebars. Exile can supply both their Custom Grip Sets and the Grip Ace System. Exile Grip Sets with GripAce Button Pad cutout in the Left Grip are priced as follows: •

  • Black Rubber $49/pr •
  • Brushed Satin Aluminum •
  • $149/pr • Polished Aluminum •
  • $159/pr • Black Anodized Aluminum •
  • $169/pr • plus the Exile Hidden GripAce Digital Switch System, Part No. HSS $399 Retail.

The multi patented Grip Ace(tm) digital switch system adds self canceling turn signals and hazards lights to motorcycles not equipped with such functions. The riding safety for many riders will be increased because the rider maintains positive control of the motorcycle while activating the starter, turn signals, horn and hi/lo beams switches on a simple digital push-pad located in the hand grip. In addition to these standard functions, the system can be programmed to control accessories like air ride systems, L.E.D lights, ETC. The Grip Ace(tm) digital switch system by itself can be installed in any type grips including sportbike rubber grips for 7/8ths inch handlebars.

For more details and to order visit Exile Cycles online at www.ExileCycles.com. Phone (01) 818-255-3330 USA