Drag Specialties Python 4" Slip-On Mufflers

Add some style and performance to your Harley-Davidson® with a set of mufflers from Python. These 4" slip-on mufflers have billet tips and use an innovative baffle technology that features 2" baffles which provides free-flowing exhaust. If you're looking for a unique sounding exhaust, you're in luck because the baffles provide a quiet idle and mellow cruising tone but a more aggressive sound when you hammer on the throttle, which provides improved performance that you can feel. The mufflers also feature the Python logo laser engraved for a unique and distinctive look. The billet tips don't only look great, they are available in chrome or black finishes with a straight or angle cut. The angle cut billet tips feature a 30-degree angled radius end that can be rotated on the muffler's body for rider's preference of slash-up or slash-down. The Python Mufflers fit 95-12 FLT, FLHT, FLHX, FLTR and FLHR models with prices starting at $514.95.

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