Dirt Don't Hurt l Slick Offroad Wash

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Dirt Don't Hurt l Slick Offroad Wash

This past spring I took a Saturday ride up to the local ski resort to check out the spring skiing conditions. It was a wet and muddy ride as the snowpack was melting off the mountain and washing mud and rocks across the roadways. When I rode into the office on Monday, the staff from our sister publication Dirt Rider saw my mud-covered Springer and suggested I try some Slick Offroad Wash to get my girl sparkling clean again. Comprised of a concentrated, biodegradable solution that is designed to attack caked-on mud and dirt, I figured what hell, I’ll give it a shot.

I got my hands on one of Slick’s Total Experience Packages ($34.99) which comes with a 1-gallon applicator, three packets of Slick’s Super Concentrate, some stickers, a drink koozie, and a bottle opener. Putting the wash to use required filling the 1-gallon jug with water then adding the 6-ounce package of concentrate solution. I then used the applicator to thoroughly spray down my Springer and soak the dirt and debris. There was still more than half of the solution leftover in the applicator, which meant I had many more washes available in my future. As I waited about five minutes for the solution to attack the dirt, I took advantage of the koozie and bottle opener on a frosty brew.

Once I finished my beer, I hit the bike with the hose and the dirt and debris washed right off, leaving a clean surface with no residue. No scrubbing, no elbow grease, no sweat; my kind of way to wash a bike.

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