Cyclone Customs Consoles for Harleys

Lock your phone in the console where it belongs!

Cyclone Customs Consoles for Harleys - Hot Bike Magazine

Get your phone out of the weather, and lock it into the console where it belongs.

  • Universal sealed compartment fits most mobile/data phones, including Iphone 3G/4/4s, Droid phones and others including Ipod Touch.
  • Connects to your radio auxiliary jack so you can use your music player and the phone's GPS system at the same time.
  • Locking cover accepts a Genuine Harley Lock.
  • Removable weather resistant screen protector to keep your phone out of the weather.
  • 12 volt connector included to integrate your phone's charger and an RCA cable for sound.
  • American machined from billet aluminum, available in chrome, black, or unfinished.