Black Hills Billet is Open for Business

Black Hills Billet, the company that formerly produced your billet, mirrors and lighting products, as Badlands Motorcycle Products is open for business.

Black Hills Billet is shipping products from their newly re-organized facility located at 1554 Linda Way in Sparks, Nevada. Black Hills Billet will continue to utilize their twenty-plus years of experience, specializing in the design and production of custom billet accessories and lighting for the Harley-Davidson, Indian, Victory, and V-Twin Motorcycle Market.  

Bill & Donna Hermant, owners of Reno Cycles & Gear, the award winning Indian, Victory, and Polaris Motorcycle Dealership, located in Reno, NV, own Black Hills Billet. Rick Eckhardt, formerly the founding partner of Badlands Motorcycle Products, is now Black Hills Billet management as well as the creator of a majority of their custom billet products and lighting sold today. Helping to guide Black Hills Billet's business and financial planning is Jay England, who has over twenty years in the powersports industry.   As quoted by Rick Eckhardt of Black Hills Billet, "We are all proud to be a business where the products have ALWAYS BEEN and STILL ARE, made in AMERICA, by AMERICANS, in Nevada, out here in the Wild Wild West."  

Check out or call 775-359-4446 for a complete listing of products.