BikeNord TourPack BULLET Secure

This newest invention, the TourPack BULLET Secure, is designed to securely attach and prevent theft of the detachable accessories made for Harley-Davidson's Motorcycles that attach with the 4-Point Docking System - both inside and outside cams.

The products that the TourPack BULLET Secure works with include the Tour-Pak, Sissy Bar / Back Rest and the Luggage Rack. Any of those products that are considered "Quick Release" and attach with a 4-Point Docking System.

The TourPack BULLET Secure was developed for the 4-point docking systems that attach with the inside or outside cams - especially those cams that are hard to reach and hard to secure. You no longer have to worry about your expensive Tour-Pak, Sissy Bar or Luggage Rack walking off.

The custom-designed Patent Pending "Bullet" is made of 304 Stainless Steel which is then black powder coated to blend in with your bike and add additional security. The screw is also stainless steel and has the head black powder coated. The installation is simple and you can view a quick Installation Video on the website.

BikeNord Solution Distribute Brukus products in Europe trough their webshop: but also trough resellers.