BikeMaster Performance Oil

Quality - Performance - Value

May 23rd, 2012- Ft. Worth, TX- BikeMaster® announces their new Performance Oil! It is for use in both engines and transmissions. Designed to withstand increased heat and stress created from smaller, higher revving engines, the advanced additives resist premature viscosity breakdown from increased shearing action. The highly refined Hydro-cracked base oils maintain optimal lubricity and stability for longer service life. BikeMaster Performance Oil meets or exceeds the warranty specifications for all new ATV, motorcycle and scooters, and is available in 10w40 and 20w50.

The full line of BikeMaster Performance lubricants include: full-synthetic, semi-synthetic and performance grade oils specifically formulated to meet the demands of motorcycle engines and riders. If you're not already using BikeMaster, it's time for a change!

To order BikeMaster products, contact your local Tucker Rocky dealer. For assistance locating a dealer, call customer service at 877-848-1320 or visit and click on the dealer locator tab. You can like us on Facebook at