Bell Carbon Star Helmet customization and review

Here is the 2014 BELL Star Carbon helmet as it comes out of the box.

We installed the Photochromic shield and took the helmet outside in the sunlight and watched the lens transition from light to dark in about 10 seconds.

Dan Himes took on the task of adding some custom lettering and gold leaf filigree.

Since each artist works at his/her own pace, we could fill a whole issue with this procedure. Pictured here is Dan applying his final touches

We let the helmet sit after the final clear coat was applied, then took a few pictures

Some racing numerals were chose to accentuate the BELL Star helmets “race feel”.

BELL Star Carbon, side view. Hand painted graphics are a great way to set yourself apart from the rest of the pack

Once the helmet was cured and photographed, it was time to give it a test ride.

I put about 150 miles on the helmet during its test period. While riding I didn’t notice any buffering and since I had earplugs in I didn’t notice any helmet noise.

I rode during the day and at night and utilized the Photochromic shield transition functionality as the sun set. I had no issues seeing the road as the sun set and the lens transitioned back to clear. Good job BELL, great helmet.

When my previous helmet was accidentally dropped on the ground, I watched in what seemed to be slow motion as it fell. The second it hit the ground I knew in an instant it was time for a new helmet. I knew I was in for a task trying to replace my old helmet, and wasted no time doing it. My mind changed when I first saw the Bell Star Carbon helmet (MSRP $649.00).

When my helmet arrived, the first thing I took notice too was how light the box was. The helmet itself, weighs in at 1500 grams, which is significantly lighter than most helmets. This helmet comes with a clear lens, which was very easy to remove and replace with the new Photochromic Shield that works like a Transitions lens on prescription glasses.

I asked Dan Himes our local painter to do some kind words and perhaps some gold leaf filigree designs on my new helmet. We chose to use a take on the old style trucker mud flaps that said “BACK OFF” and since I would be on a motorcycle, my message to people traveling too close would simply be “F*CK OFF”. We chose these words to get the attention of the person reading them in the hopes that they realize they are following too close and need to back off. We then made the decision to cover the BELL logos on the front and sides with my favorite race numerals, “666” Although some find it offensive or sacrilegious, I assure you it is not. It’s based on Chet Herbert’s “Special Beast” land speed car that ruled the Bonneville Salt Flats in the early 1950’s.

After Dan drew the designs and laid them out on the helmet, I knew that I was going to like the outcome. He proceeded to do his thing, which took about a week or so to do. As soon as he put his brush down and the paint on the helmet had time to cure, I put it on my head and got on my bike and blasted up the highway. This helmet is very bad ass, light weight and has minimal noise and buffering from wind. Since this is a race helmet and designed for pure function, it moves more air through it than almost any other helmet on the market.

The BELL Star Carbon helmet is an all around top-notch helmet design from a company that has a long-standing history in the helmet game.

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