The Bates Riding Collection is Hitting the Road in Time for Spring

It's Time to Rev 'Em Up

Rockford, MI (March 2012) - Just when you thought the ride couldn't possibly get any better, it has. Available for Spring 2012, the Bates Riding Collection is hitting the asphalt, and select retail locations. Designed for those who demand indestructible riding equipment, from their motorcycle to their riding gear, the newest offering by the well respected uniform footwear manufacturer, Bates® Footwear (Bates), promises high-performance quality and delivers high-style wearability.

"While we're experts in creating heavy-duty boots, this is a bit of a departure for our brand," says Julie McCauley, Bates Marketing Manager. "To date, our focus has been on designing footwear that could, for instance, carry soldiers into hostile terrains. Now, we're using that same expertise to make boots that perform as well for everyday motorcyclists and the recreational weekend warrior."

But make no mistake. The attention to detail and consistent use of top-tier materials that Bates is celebrated for is reflected in each of the eight diverse styles that comprise the men's collection: Ormond, Big Bend, Talimena, Tahoe, Palomar, Black Canyon, Copper Trail, and Escalante. And if the names sound familiar to motorcycle enthusiasts, it's no surprise-each boot was named after a favorite scenic ride.

From the sleek mid-calf Tahoe with classic metal accents to the hardcore lace-up Escalente that boasts a waterproof leather/mesh fusion upper, Bates wanted to deliver what riders wanted as well as needed. Says McCauley, "We realize that riders look for specific qualities in their riding boots. Some prefer the longer boot while others prefer a shorter one. Some like laces, others like the classic zip-up. That's why, when designing our boots, we focused on the collection as a whole and repeatedly asked ourselves if we were creating variety as well as value. We think the answer is clearly 'yes.'"

Which is why, whether they're worn daily or just on long weekend rides, one thing's for certain. When it comes to high-performance riding boots, in more ways than one, you could say that there's a new leader in the pack. The Bates Riding Collection. Available now.

About Bates Footwear
For over 125 years Bates® has been dedicated to the development and manufacturing of performance footwear. In 2003, the company joined the billion-dollar footwear giant, Wolverine Worldwide, Inc. and is headquartered in Rockford, Michigan. For more information visit