Ballistic Hard Core Protection iPhone Case | Used And Abused


Hard Core Protection iPhone case

Have you ever purchased a protection product just a little too late? I must admit I got the Ballistic phone case a day late and about $100 short. While out riding on a horse during a press trip, the stallion decided a full gallop was a good idea. As it took off, so consequently did my iPhone into the air and was sent crashing to earth, shattering the screen in the process. With my wallet $100 lighter, the screen was replaced teaching me a valuable lesson on phone protection. Had I purchased the Ballistic case, I’m sure it would have been protected by not one, but several separate layers of rubberized and plastic casing. At only $50, I would have been far better off than shelling out twice as much and being phoneless for several days. Just remember, much like in life, it’s better to use a little bit of protection rather than pay the price later. –JCZ