Avon Grips Now Heated

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Avon Grips Now Heated - Hot Bike Magazine
Avon Grips Now Heated - Hot Bike Magazine

Avon Grips, based in Kingwood, Texas, recently announced that the company has begun production of its new heated grips for Harley Davidson fitment. Avon has been manufacturing heated grips for the metric cruiser market for several years, and is now producing its most popular Harley fitment grips with heaters in them.

Avon has teamed up with Symtec, manufacturer of the popular Heat Demon heaters. "Symtec has a very good reputation in the heater business, and we were looking for a reputable source for our grip heaters", noted Dave Kelly, spokesman for Avon Grips. The Heat Demons are inserted into the grip during the assembly process, and will put the heat right where the rider wants it, in the palm of his/her hands. The controller (available in chrome or black) has (4) heat settings indicated by small LED lights. MSRP for Avon's new heated grips is $ 219.99.

To check out all of Avon's grips you can visit them on the web at www.avongrips.com, or call the company for a catalog at (800) 334-7477.