AMSOIL Introduces New Engine Assembly Lube

AMSOIL Product Release

AMSOIL Introduces New Engine Assembly Lube - Hot Bike Magazine

AMSOIL Assembly Lube is specially formulated to provide exceptional wear protection against rust and corrosion in newly built or rebuilt four-stroke engines. The new product dissolves in oil, helping to eliminate oil port clogging and deposit formation.

AMSOIL Assembly Lube contains high levels of anti-wear additives to protect critical parts during initial startup including camshaft lobes and bearings, lifters, rocker arms, rod and main bearings. A high-viscosity base oil and unique tackifier provides a long-lasting cohesive cling for added protection.

A partially assembled engine can sit for long periods of time, increasing the chance of rust formation on exposed metal surfaces from moisture and oxygen. AMSOIL Assembly Lube contains rust and corrosion inhibitors that protect engine components during inactivity.

Packaged in convenient 4-ounce tubes, AMSOIL Assembly Lube allows for clean, precise application and is recommended for any new or rebuilt four-stroke engine including racing and performance applications.

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