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Biker-Products, Draggin' Apparel, And More!

Here at HOT BIKE, we get mega-info on the latest and greatest riding gear sent to us by manufacturers. "Riding Essentials" gives us the opportunity to take a few pages to show you the goods and tell you what we think. This time we're looking at gear from Biker-Products and Fast Company. Remember to check back each month, as we will continually mix things up.

Draggin' Jeans Put To The Test

The proof is in the pudding...ahem, pants. Fast Company's Utility Draggin' Jeans were staff-tested, with our own Ernie Lopez putting his behind on the line to see if this product held up to its claim. All laughs aside, these jeans give motorcyclists a practical, safe alternative to hot, bulky leathers with their 14.5oz-cotton denim-lined construction with 100-percent Kevlar in the knees and seat. Based off the company's Classic Draggin' Jeans design, the Utility jeans give you more storage and a looser fit, including additional Kevlar that wraps around the lower leg to protect you if the loose-fitting leg twists in a fall. Generous rear pockets and contrasting utility stitching complete the look.

While performing the drag test, we used the Kevlar-lined shorts as an added safety precaution underneath the jeans. After dragging Ernie more than 1,200 feet at an average speed of 20 mph, the jeans slowly deteriorated, but the Kevlar lining and the shorts were uncompromised. Although "it got a little hot down there" for Ernie, his behind was covered on the line. Draggin' Jeans are available for men and women in blue or black in Classic and Relaxed styles. Utility, Big Men's (up to size 52), and Fleece-Lined versions in blue are also included in men's sizes.

Eye Spy A Bargain

We spy with our little eyes bargain eyewear. Brought to you by Biker-Products, these glasses offer your peepers protection without having to fork out a wad of cash. For the low price of $15, you get scratch-resistant, shatterproof, 100-percent UV-protected, ANSI-rated polycarbonate glasses, and-get ready for this-shipping is included. So you have a nice, round number to work with and affordable eye protection. But wait-there's more. The Biker-Glasses have foam rings around the eye sockets with anti-fog ports for venting to keep out wind and debris. These glasses are available in black or brown frames and in clear, tinted, and yellow lenses. For more information, check out, or call (888) 539-1502.

Button It-Go All In

You can be half in with Fast Company's Draggin' Jeans, but why not be all in with the matching jacket? The Draggin' Jacket is made of 14.5-ounce cotton denim, same as in the jeans, with 100-percent Kevlar panels lining the shoulders and sleeves. The jacket features a whopping six inner pockets, two button-flap chest pockets, an outer slash pocket, a snap-down collar to prevent flapping, and a removable throat closure for chilly-willy night riding. What's cool about this jacket is it's classic looking-denim doesn't go out of style-and it's tailored with the motorcyclist in mind.

Extra, Extra, Read All About It

Fast Company offers kits to allow you to add knee protection to its Draggin' Jeans, complete armor upgrade kits to fit all of the company's jackets, and shoulder and elbow pads to add to the Draggin' Shirt. As a matter of fact, the Draggin' Shirt is the latest evolution in Fast Company's Kevlar-protective garment line. Its mesh knit material made of 100-percent Kevlar adds a layer of protection while allowing airflow in hot months or insulation in cold weather. With Velcro tabs to prevent the cuffs from flapping in the wind and two layers of Kevlar in the shoulders and elbows, this is an all-around versatile, tough garment. For more information on Fast Company's products, including sizes, colors, styles, and a women's fit, check out, or call (800) 459-2239.

One For All, All For One

Do you have a riding jacket for each season, or just one you wear layers underneath in cold weather? Forget the bulky feel and free up closet space with Fast Company's year-round Barracuda jacket. Its removable full-sleeve quilted liner gives you cold-weather protection, or, by removing the liner and opening the six zippered vents, you can get ventilation in hot weather. This jacket includes shoulder, elbow, and back pads of multi-density foam, which can be upgraded in men's sizes with the Draggin' Armor Jacket Kit. One feature we like about the Barracuda is that instead of having another plain black jacket with no striking visibility features, this one boasts bold stripes in a variety of colors to help you be seen on the roads. It's a jacket with four seasons of features wrapped into one.