Motorcycle Product Pics

New Stuff In The Hot Bike Office

Get a Grip...or Two
The new Tribal Grips from Harley-Davidson feature a monochrome jet-black finish with a rubber tribal insert. The black rubber surface is raised above the cast-in recesses of the grip's shell, and the 1 1/2-inch diameter grips are available for '96-07 Touring models.

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Seeing in 3-D!
The Eurocomponents team has released a new 3-D designed wheel to its already impressive lineup. The 3-D Star is forged from billet aluminum and the rim, spokes and hub are all one piece. Simply put, it takes 48 hours to prep and machine one of these wheels, and you know what they say...good things come to those who wait.

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Spice Up Your Life
Add a little pizzazz to your saddlebags with a set of these Themed Bag Latch Accents from Kryakyn. They'll fit '93-08 Touring models with hard bags and the grooved design adds a little flair to your stock bags. Or, go with a more custom theme with the classic flamed version supplied with a Maltese Cross, Zombie, or Widow emblem. The stock locking mechanisms are re-used so you still use your stock keys!

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Bagger Bars
Once again Roland Sands has released a set of bars for the FLH lineup that will get you noticed even if you don't want to be noticed. The Convoy bar measures 9 inches tall, 32 inches wide from tip to tip, and features 6.7 inches of pullback. This bar will fit throttle-by-wire model Harleys and will fit your fairing nicely.

Roland Sands Design

Here's Lookin' at You
Keep Johnny Law off your back with the Lick's Cycles Mini Mirrors. They were made with the minimalist enthusiast in mind to provide just enough coverage of the rear, measuring in at only 3 inches in diameter. They'll fit on your stock mounts, they're fully adjustable, and move side to side and up and down.

Licks Cycles
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Light Up the Night
You can never be too safe when riding at night. With this LED taillight and plate lamp from Streetglow, you can add a little more light to your stock setup. This LED strip serves many purposes. It acts as a license plate light, but it can also be used as a run and brake light. Just tap into your stock taillamp wiring and you're ready to go with both run and brake light functions.

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