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New Stuff In The Hot Bike Office

Baker Plus-One Oil Pan (P1P)Starting at $399
The creative geniuses at Baker Drivetrain have introduced a way to cool your '93-'08 FL engine's life-blood with their new P1P Oil Pan. This pan holds an entire quart more than stock, which flows more oil and helps keep the peak oil temperature lower. The Baker folks have vigorously tested their new Oil Pan and claim that the motor's oil temp dropped 10 degrees on an 80-degree day. Now that's cool!ContactBaker Drivetrain (877) 640-2004

Kuryakyn Windshield Mounted Mirrors $169.99-$249.99
We know what you're thinking: How do you say that company's name? Whether you get the pronunciation correct or not really doesn't matter, because you'll still want to call up your local dealer to order these mirrors. With a chromed accent strip that simply mounts to the front of the fairing, both the Ellipse and Turn Signal mirrors (Turn Signal model comes with auxiliary forward facing run and turn signals) provide what you need: Stylish visibility!ContactKryakyn (866) 277-9598

Mean Street
Mid-Glide Inverted Forks $1,499-1,998The newest set of Inverted Forks from Mean Street will definitely give your bike one of the hottest front ends on the market today. These Inverted Forks are available in black, chrome, or polish/satin; you can choose from multiple lengths for your chopper, pro-street, or bobber. These forks were handcrafted in America and are available in two styles, the Smooth (shown here) and the Blunt.ContactMean Street Products (915) 592-6887

Roland Sands Design Venturi Air Cleaners $399.95
Does a five-spoke exposed air filter that enhances airflow grab your attention? It grabbed our attention, too. The backing plate sucks the oxygen from the atmosphere and jams it straight into the carburetor/throttle body to add a little boost to your scoot. And with the high-flow K&N; air filter and internal crank case breathers to boot, you won't be disappointed in your new purchase.ContactDrag Specialties