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HTP America MicroCut 301
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If you're set up for running 220-volt power and are coincidentally in the market for a plasma cutter, the MicroCut 301 has you covered. It's lightweight at 14 pounds, and it has the adjustable cutting power from five to 25 amps to get through 5/16-inch steel at 12 inches per minute or sever 3/8-inch steel, plus it will also cut stainless steel, aluminum, or any material that conducts electricity. Plug it in, add compressed air, and you're ready to rock.

HTP America (800) USA-WELD

Drag Specialties Handlebar Riser/
Top Clamp Kit

While you're flipping through the pages of this issue, you may have noticed our Handlebars Buyer's Guide. Once you've found your new set of bars from the guide, mate them to these black 1 1/2-inch tall risers. Made from billet aluminum, the risers fit 1-inch diameter handlebars and feature two lower risers and a one-piece top clamp.

Drag Specialties

PPG Ditzler Big Flake
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If you're a flakey kind of guy then PPG's Ditzler Big Flake is right for you. Consisting of six large metallic flakes to produce that retro look, you can choose silver or gold, as well as four color-shifting options from gold to silver, blue to red, red to gold, or green to purple. Add it to the basecoat or use it as a ground coat for PPG's Radiance II mid-coats for a retro finish.


Zipper's Performance
Torkster Plus 883-1250 EFI Engine Kit $2,289

It's not uncommon for Sportster 883 owners to beef up to a 1200cc motor. Why not go the extra step and add an extra 50cc? With the Zipper's Torkster Plus kit for '07-later 883 fuel-injected models you go from a stock 883cc motor to a 1250cc displacement, which features the Zipper's exclusive 3 9/16-inch bore cylinders that are cast around ductile iron liners and fit right into the case opening without machining. The new cylinders are then stuffed with lightweight reverse-dome forged pistons. Once the heads are cleaned they're fitted with new Step-Lock valve guides with high-flow stainless steel valves and Viton seals and performance valve spring set. Also, the stock ECM is replaced with a Thundermax ECM with AutoTune supplied with maps to automatically tune the Torkster. A top-end gasket kit and high-flow air cleaner is also included.

Zipper's Performance
(410) 579-2828