Motorcycle Parts and Accessories - Hot New Products

MGS Liquid Steel Fenders MGS Custom Bikes introduces its new Liquid Steel line. Using the same creativity that goes into the company's award-winning custom motorcycles, this new line gives the builder a substantial foundation to work from. These fenders are spun from 12-gauge steel for excellent contours and fitment. They come in 10-1/2 through 15-1/2-inch widths with the radius-cut chain or belt relieved at no additional charge. Of course, any custom cuts are available upon request. For more information, contact MGS Custom Bikes at (661) 951-9878, or visit

Blasting Off The Blaster has earned a reputation among industry professionals and bikers alike as the most powerful and efficient motorcycle dryer available. With a body of steel and a powerful 4.0-peak-hp twin-fan motor, it blasts water off bikes in seconds, cutting drying time by 75 to 80 percent. It leaves no water spots or oily residue, prevents rust, and completely eliminates afterstreaking. The Blaster is also safer and more efficient than compressed air or leaf blowers. For more information, contact Metropolitan Vacuum Cleaner Co. at (845) 357-1600, or visit

Throttle Up Drag Specialties is proud to offer these new two-into-one exhaust systems. Each system uses high-flow, mitered-cut 1-7/8-inch headers with a machined inlet for added exhaust velocity and improved anti-reversion qualities. The fat, full-coverage 2-1/4-inch heat shields prevent bluing; an additional heat shield gives the header-muffler union a smooth, sleek look. A 4-1/2-inch megaphone-style muffler has a rich, deep tone, while the black-anodized billet-aluminum end cap uses multi-angled bell technology that provides quicker throttle response and substantially improved torque and horsepower. These exhaust systems are designed and built in the U.S. For more information, contact your local Drag Specialties dealer, or visit

MC Goldammer With the introduction of a 2006 catalog update, MC Advantages is the first distributor to offer parts from World Champion Bike Builder Roger Goldammer of Goldammer Cycle Works. The first part to be offered is the distinctive Air Time air cleaner. This polished stainless-steel breather helps to define the Goldammer look, which can complement any style of bike. The Air Time is designed for 40mm CV carbs and Delphi EFI units. It can also bolt on to S&S; and Mikuni carbs with an adapter from MC Advantages. For more information, see your local MC Advantages dealer, or log on to

Straight From Ness Arlen Ness Enterprises introduces the new Big Shot adjustable fuel-injection tuner. The Big Shot is a new load-based fuel-injection module that does not require any splicing or modifications to your motorcycle during installation. Big Shot modules come pre-loaded with base maps for different models that can then be fine-tuned with three buttons for each individual's riding style and bike. Utilizing the latest in load-based technology in fuel-injection performance, the Big Shot detects the exact amount of load on the engine at any rpm and any road speed, and delivers the perfect amount of fuel to the engine for optimum performance. The Big Shot is available for the following models: '95-'05 FI Big Twin models, '06 FI Softail/FLT models, '06 Dyna models, '02-up V-Rod models, and '03-up Victory models. For more information, call Arlen Ness Enterprises at (925) 479-6350, or visit

Gliding Along eGlideGoodies introduces the VW-1 vented windshield. The VW-1 vented windshield is eGlideGoodies' most recent Electra Glide upgrade to assist in improving the rider's comfort. The VW-1 can be opened or closed by the rider while sitting in the seat to allow fresh air to reach the upper body. Designed to be opened or closed with a quick one-hand motion, the VW-1 vented windshield allows the rider to add or subtract more airflow to the upper body on those hot days. The windshield vent is beautifully black powdercoated to accent the rest of the Electra Glide while providing significant corrosion resistance. The vent is positioned 1 inch above the fairing and is fully installed in the windshield from the factory. For more information, contact eGlideGoodies at (760) 753-4642, or visit

Just for Touring The touring-bike crowd has been asking for their own version of PM foot controls for years, and with the amazing popularity of these bikes, it looks as if PM has stepped up and created boards the way only PM can. Naturally, PM used a machined aluminum base, gave it the company's own stylish shape, and topped it with a unique rubber pad. PM's traditional forward controls have always featured nicely sorted shift and brake arms, and this set is no different. On the shift side, the company utilized its already proven Contour pedals and created supple, machined-aluminum arms (which can be used toe/heel or toe only). The brake side gets a matched arm and is topped with an easy-to-reach platform-style pedal with its own rubber pad. As you might expect, PM also created matched passenger boards for the rear. The boards are available in polished aluminum or chrome finish for most years of the H-D Bagger line, as well as the Heritage Softail. For more information, contact Performance Machine at (714) 523-3000, or visit

A Foul-Mouthed Collaboration The pipes you have come to swear by are even more accessible to V-Twin enthusiasts. Doug Keim Creative Cycles' (DKCC) incredibly popular L.M.F. (Loud Mother *ucker) and M.M.F.s (Muzzled Mother *uckers) exhaust pipes can now be fitted to Bourget motorcycles. The L.M.F. is down-and-dirty loud, featuring stepped headpipes merging into a huge outlet. But if you're looking to avoid unwanted (and expensive) attention from law enforcement, the M.F.F. gives you the same wicked external appearance as the L.M.F. with a non-removable steel baffle. These pipes are made of heavy-gauge steel for durable strength and to reduce chances of discoloration if chromed. That means they can take whatever your bike dishes out-be it a Bourget, any H-D Big Twin model, and most custom applications (including right-side-drive models), as long as the bike has forward controls. DKCC's L.M.F.s and M.M.F.s are available in raw finish, but full finish is available as a custom order. For more information, contact Doug Keim Creative Cycles at (732) 751-1403, or visit