Motorcycle Lighting And Electronics - Buyer's Guide

Badlands Load Equalizer III Plug-In Version
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The new Load Equalizer module from Badlands doesn't use ceramic resistors that produce heat, instead Badlands uses solid-state resistors, which allow you to run your flashers or hazards without heat issues. The new module will fit various FLH, Softail, Dyna, and Sportster models.
Badlands Motorcycle Products
(775) 359-4450

Custom Cycle Engineering 49mm Lamp Clamps
Mount these Lamp Clamps to your 49mm fork tubes and relocate your stock blinkers in no time. The clamps clean up your bars and feature a counter bore on the inside of the clamp that hides the socket head cap screw, holding the clamp to the indicator housing.
Custom Cycle Engineering
(800) 472-9253

Custom Dynamics Plasma Rods
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The Plasma Rods can be used anywhere but they work well when mounted in between your saddlebags and rear fender. Plug it into run/brake/turn signal controller and the Plasma Rods will work alongside your stock signals. Extra protection is never a bad idea.
Custom Dynamics
(800) 382-1388

Cyron Platinum Motorcycle Lighting Kit
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Cyron has created the lighting kit that'll put the Griswalds to shame if you catch our drift. The Platinum Motorcycle Lighting Kit offers seven convex modules (each with six high output LEDs) that provide 120 degrees of lighted surface. Plus, the kit is activated via wireless controller so you can really trip people out!
(888) 297-6660

Dakota Digital MCL-3204
The new contraption from Dakota Digital is round, smaller than a breadbox, and lights up when you plug it in. Oh and it's made to fit Sportster and Dyna models and it comes with a really bright blue or red (your choice) instrument panel with adjustable speedometer (mph or kmh), tachometer, clock, odometer, and a host of other features. And that's not all; it also launches missiles and shoots lasers like a 007 car.
Dakota Digital
(800) 852-3228

Roland Sands Design Tracker Taillight w/ Plate Holder
$229.95If it's an '84-09 Softail you're riding, then you might want to take note of this new side-mounted plate holder/taillight from RSD. The Tracker features a billet plate frame, dual function LED taillight/brake light, and chrome hardware. The bracket is laser cut steel and mounts easily to the passenger footpeg mounting hole.
Drag Specialties

Heartland USA Signal Mirror
If your stock handlebar setup is a bit too clunky for your liking and you've thought about switching out your mirrors, the Heartland Signal Mirrors not only allow you to see behind you, but the built-in turn signals will help drivers/riders see you better. They function as running lights and turn indicators and are available in chrome, black, or satin gray.
Heartland USA
(310) 822-2697

Evil Spirit Engineering Taillight
The taillamp from Evil Spirit reminds us of an old coffee can that's been stuffed with electoronics and bright lights. However, this ain't no tin can, this baby's made from billet and comes with a LED bulb and red lens. But if brass is your bag, it's also available.
Evil Spirit Engineering
(323) 385-4223

Exile Cycles SJP Headlight
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Russell Mitchell from Exile Cycles approves this new headlamp from Dutch machine shop manufacturers SJP, and is the exclusive distributor for its parts. This taillamp is machined from solid chunks of billet and features a 3 1/2-inch diameter lens and comes either polished or black anodized.
Exile Cycles
(818) 255-3330

Greg's Custom Cycles Deepsickness Headlight
If you've ever seen one of Greg's frontends, you know the company is capable of producing some pretty wicked stuff. This headlight, made from billet with a chrome bezel and gloss, wrinkle or matte black powdercoated finish spiked bucket is another example. Measuring in at 4 1/2 inches in diameter and 7 inches deep from end to end this headlamp is aggressively styled.
Greg's Custom Cycles
(727) 461-4840

Harley-Davidson Illuminated Fairing Accent Trim
New from the MoCo to accent your outer fairing on '96-later Electra Glide, Street Glide, and Tri-Glide models, is this chrome plated accent trim that's been fitted with amber LED lamps stuffed under smoked lenses to glow when the running lights are on, and function as auxiliary directional indicators when the signals are activated.
(800) 443-2153

Hard Ride Audio Upgrade Kit
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This audio kit comes with 6 1/2-inch Polk Audio speakers that replace the stock 5 1/4-inch speakers, which claim to increase bass and improve mid-range sound. It's a plug-and-play kit that fits Harley batwing fairings while maintaining the stock look.
Hard Ride Audio

Headwinds HID Xenon Plasma/H4 headlight Conversion
Still rockin that halogen bulb? Convert to HID already with this conversion kit from Headwinds. It is easy to install and includes HID bulb, high-energy wire harness, ballast, and igniter. The HID bulb is blue in color, which is closer to daylight than that of a filament bulb. And the lifespan of an HID bulb is approximately 2,500 hours.
(626) 359-8044

Evil Engineering Billet Taillight Assembly
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Thinking about relocating your stock license plate while simultaneously ditching your stock taillamp assembly? Evil Engineering has a combo plate mount/taillamp assembly that might work for you. Available in a variety of designs, the plate can be mounted both vertically and horizontally and the lamp houses LED lights with an estimated operating time of 6,000 hours.
Evil Engineering
(800) 372-8612

Hogtunes Custom Handlebar Speakers
Blast down the road with a blaring set of handlebar mounted speakers from HogTunes. The 2-inch speakers will fit 7/8-inch to 1 1/4-inch diameter handlebars and uses your mp3 player, satellite radio receiver, or other portable audio device. The system comes with a 50-watt amp and is loud enough to wake the neighbors.
Drag Specialties

Klock Werks Oval Taillight
The Klock Werks Oval Taillight will get your bike in shape. The lamp features bright LEDs that generate little heat, use very little power, and are made to last. The wiring has been color coded to make installation a snap and zinc-plated mounting bracket and stainless hardware is also included.
Klock Werks
(605) 996-3700

Kuryakyn Driving Lights
Add a little brightness to your bagger with these Driving Lights from Kuryakyn. The design was made to complement your batwing fairing motorcycles. The kit includes everything you need to bolt it on, plug it in, turn it on, and go for a ride.
(866) 277-9598

Lazer Star iStar
Lazer Star lets you take back the night with its iStar. This is a 30 watt HID flood or spot lamp that features an internal ballast. The iStar measures 2 3/4 inches around and 4 1/4 inches in length. It comes with stainless mounting hardware and won't turn off when it gets hot.
Lazer Star
(800) 624-6234

Licks Cycles Vintage Triangular Headlight
This headlight oozes vintage styling and is an updated version of the Aris headlamp that was popular back in the early chopper days. This headlight features a reflector and a 60/55W halogen bulb.
Licks Cycles
(413) 663-9050

Bulletpruf ET Headlight
Light your path in style with this chrome billet headlight from Bulletpruf. The headlamp comes with the mounting hardware for an easy installation that will get you on the road in not time. The unit includes two H3 halogen bulbs measuring 6 inches wide, 5 inches deep, and 2 1/4 inches high.
MC Advantages
(800) 726-9620

Mercury Customs ProWire
The ProWire is a wiring management system for custom-built motorcycles for the pros and the home builders. Basically, if you're looking to internally wire your motorcycle, the ProWire is right for you. It acts as a triggering system for your starter due to its standard starter micro-relay, which will power all of your major electrical functions and can be mounted just about anywhere imaginable.
Mercury Customs
(949) 453-9300

Ultima LED Halo Replacement Lamps
Ultima has combined an LED halo with a halogen bulb that's been wired separately that with the flip of a switch uses your headlamp for everyday riding or for show stopping illumination. The LED halo comes in four different colors: red, blue, white, and amber.
Ultima Products

Motosens Oil Pressure Gauge
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Looking to monitor the pressure of your engine's life blood? The new Motosens Oil Pressure Gauge will keep you in the know of what your oil pressure is up to. This specific gauge ranges from 0-140 psi and may prevent damage to your engine due to loss of oil pressure.
(403) 327-1444

J&P; Cycles LED Board
Mount this little contraption to your license plate frame, plug it into your hot ignition wire, and presto, you're plate lights the night's sky. The board features six LEDs mounted to a high-grade steel plate that features a smooth finish.
J&P; Cycles
(800) 397-4844

NAMZ Custom Cycle Products Bullit Headlight
The Bullit is a plug-and-play unit that allows you to unplug your stock headlamp and plug this one in. NAMZ uses factory connectors that enable a beginner to do the install. The Bullit includes the mount, lens, halogen bulb, and features braided stainless steel and clear coated wiring harness. The unit is available in chrome.
(877) 277-NAMZ

West Eagle Drilled Taillight
Starting at $159.95
These new taillights from West Eagle are available in billet, brass, or black anodize and measure 2 3/4 inches wide and 1 1/4 inches deep. These are not DOT approved but the 12-volt, dual filament taillamp will make a cool addition somewhere.
West Eagle

Vicious Cycle Works Flush Mount Optos
These lights from Vicious Cycle Works feature clear glass magnifying lenses and mirror optics that are meant to increase LED brightness. The lights are water sealed, contain internal reflectors, and are easy to mount on any motorcycle.
Vicious Cycle Works
(724) 662-0581

Auto Gem Shotgun Lights
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The Shotgun Lights from Auto Gem add a little flair to your stock saddlebag setup on '92-later FLH models. They're designed to replace the rear fender support and bag mounting support system while adding LED light using the Auto Gem LED power jewel that is easily installed.
Auto Gem
(800) 360-1955