Motorcycle House Introduces Nomad USA for 2015

New motorcycle apparel and luggage line for 2015

Motorcycle House is one of the world’s largest motorcycle apparel, luggage, and parts online retailer in the world. Due to the large popularity of all Motorcycle House’s products, Motorcycle House is proud to announce that they are launching a new product line called Nomad USA. Nomad USA will offer Motorcycle House customers the same great quality they have come to expect from anything offered at Motorcycle House but at a lower price point. The lower price point is due to compete with lower quality saddlebags by providing great quality products at a lower price. In turn, Nomad USA will be able to provide a wide range of motorcycle luggage options for everyone and every budget imaginable. If you thought that Motorcycle House’ prices were already hard to beat, the Nomad USA line will be priced even lower.

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