Motorcycle Air Filter - Wimmer Custom Cycle

In-Your-Face Intake

1. Here is the VSA system for the S&S; carburetor with both setups for either the Super Squat air filter or the Super Sucker shorty with micro mesh screen filter along with the mounting bracket (ring) for either an Evo with breather bolts (A) or Shovelhead without breather mounts.

2. First we removed the stock filter assembly from the S&S; carb on our Shovelhead motor.

3. All the hardware was treated to some threadlocker

4. For a good seal a new gasket was installed on the carb followed by the mounting ring.

5. Next, we installed the slip ring for the Super Squat air filter.

6. The rubber seal on the filter slips over the lip, then we tightened the seal down with the clamp.

7. Here is the Super Sucker Shorty stack. For this piece the flat mounting ring was used so that the stack can mount flush.

8. The stack has a micro screen but comes with a rain sleeve for added protection against weather and debris. You can get this for the filters as well.

In this dirty world in which we ride in, we need clean air to pass through the intake of our bikes to keep them running at their best. There are a lot of air filters out there that work well but tend to lack in style. Wimmer Custom Cycle has the means to do both, good filtering of air while adding some cool style to your bike. With so many different styles and setups to choose from there is something for everyone's bike. All of the Wimmer intake components are made from solid 6061 billet aluminum, and manufactured right here in the USA. The Wimmer System is based on its Velocity Stacks Assembly (VSA) for standard carburetor mounts like CV, S&S;, Mikuni, and also for fuel-injected models as well. Once you have the right VSA for your model you can build an air intake to fit your bike and style.

Wimmer Custom Cycle