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Saddle Your Seat With Gel
Utilizing patented Memoflex gel technology that not only provides superior feel and protection but also increases air ventilation throughout, Saddlemen presents the new SaddleGel riding shorts. Interior construction includes a soft fabric lining next to the skin, and the low-friction material prevents clothes from bunching and giving the "wedgies" often experienced while riding with other shorts. The softly brushed suede-like interior is cool and wicks away perspiration. SaddleGel riding shorts are available in small, medium, large, extra large, and extra-extra large.

For more information, contact Saddlemen, (800) 397-7709,

Three New Flavors
Just when it looked as if the wheel market had settled into a safe and repetitive groove, Performance Machine has come out with three totally new designs. PM went full-on bling with the Marquee, which is machined from a solid aluminum forging and features 20 arced spokes coming from a webbed center. The Domino is also a multispoke wheel, but with a clean, open design that would look great on just about any bike. The Judge catches the eye with its five vintage mag-style spokes and machined speed dots around the perimeter. As with all PM wheels, matched discs, pulleys, and sprockets are available for each design, and PM builds in every size imaginable.

For more information, contact Performance Machine or your local PM dealer, (714) 523-3000,

The dynamic design of Heartland USA's Two-Five-O tire conversion system offers a fresh and innovative solution that reflects today's trend for bigger rubber. Each system includes chromed billet-aluminum struts, a handcrafted solo seat, 11-inch-wide 16-gauge steel rear fender (four options), steel rock-guard fender, swingarm, and an offset kit for the transmission. Heartland's patented removable second seat is available as an option, as well as the company's mirror-chrome solid 18x8.5 rear wheel and 250 tire or a 60-spoke 18x8.5 rear wheel and 250 tire. A new rear brake system, belt, pulley, or wheel spacers are not needed, as the design allows you to utilize your stock components. All the necessary gears, extensions, spacers, gaskets, and hardware are provided.

For more information, contact Heartland USA, (310) 822-2697,

The Sha Sha Redemption
Sha Sha Fine Shoes Inc., a manufacturer of alternative-styled footwear for men and women, is introducing a new signature line for the motorcycle industry, co-created by master chopper builder Matt Hotch of Matt Hotch Designs. Matt's personal style of riding in low-top deconstructed athletic shoes inspired Sha Sha to work with him to develop his own signature line of footwear.

For more information, contact Sha Sha Fine Shoes,(877) 3-SHA-SHA,

To the Max
Maximum Metalworks, manufacturer of motorcycle frames for the American V-Twin, presents the new 2G hidden-shock drop-seat frame. The right-side-drive frame can accommodate a 250/300/330 rear tire and includes a fork stop, a built-in full-size battery box, oil tank, swingarm, pivot bolts and covers, axle, axle bolts, axle covers, and required hardware. Also included are builder-friendly adjustable rear struts that may be positioned to run internally or externally on the fender. As with all Maximum Metalworks frames, they are available in any stretch or rake and may be ordered with optional radiused (single or dual) downtubes. These frames are built with 1-3/8-inch and 1-3/4-inch DOM tubing throughout. All parts are CNC-machined and TIG-welded.

For more information, contact Maximum Metalworks, (613) 931-9452,

Eurocomponents Sprocket Rotor
The new Eurocomponents sprocket rotor kit includes a 51-tooth sprocket that also works as a brake rotor in conjunction with the rear two-piston brake caliper. Everything is on one side of the rear wheel, leaving the other side completely clean-this is a must for a true chopper! The sprocket rotor is made of stainless steel, while the caliper and bracket are machined out of billet aluminum and are available polished or black anodized. They're available for both left- and right-side drive. Front rotors and calipers are available to match. The Eurocomponents sprocket rotor kit fits all Softail and rigid frames.

For more information, contact Eurocomponents, (386) 274-5729,

A Fish Tale
New from Samson for 2006 is a redesigned Fishtail true dual system that has a cutting-edge look and all the qualities needed for today's motorcycles. The entire head pipe is covered by a 220-degree heat shield that is designed to eliminate any visible discoloration. Full-coverage heat shields are better than double-wall pipes because they weigh less and sound better. This system has nonremovable integrated baffles. Now consumers can get a complete system with an all-in-one package price that makes it easy to choose the look they want. The true dual longtail pipes come with a full one-year warranty.

For more information, contact Samson, (800) 373-4217,

Kustom for Your Custom
Kustomwerks presents its new stretched, smooth-top, all-aluminum gas tanks, which come in 4- and 5-inch stretch versions and feature a solid, one-piece top for a smooth, custom look. These tanks are made from a special aluminum alloy that hardens with age but retains enough flexibility so as not to "work harden" and split. The tanks are formed in two pieces using 3mm-thick plate instead of the usual multi-panel construction, giving them a more uniform shape and fewer welded seams. All tanks have reinforced billet mountings, an internal vent pipe, and use a screw-in gas cap. Each tank comes with custom mountings and weld-on brackets.

For more information, contact Kustomwerks, (800) 498-4711,

Follow the Guide
The Biker's Guide to Texas: 25 Great Motorcycle Rides in the Lone Star State by Dorothy Waldman is the book Texas bikers and visitors have been waiting for. Dorothy includes plenty about what to see and do along the way, but she focuses on the rides: where to go, what signs to look for, how far the next turnoff is, when to be especially alert for what's around a sharp bend, and when you can expect to relax a bit and just cruise. The guide is a must-have for any motorcyclist heading out on the open road in search of scenery, great routes, and adventure.

For more information, check out your local bookstore, or go to