Motorcycle Accessories - Buyer's Guide Under $250

Comfort Max Gel Pads

These sheepskin seat pads are sure to cushion your bum, and the sheepskin's breathable fibers claim to absorb up to 30 percent of their own weight in moisture, which keeps your bum dry. Also, the gel pad underneath the skin is made of advanced Viscoelastic molded gel that is used in medical and sports applications. If doctors use it, it must be good! Choose traditional black, silver/grey, or golden tan.
American Motorcycle Specialties
(800) 719-7237

Bike Brite Motorcycle Spray Wash

This 32-ounce bottle of cleaning/degreasing wonderment was made to handle the dirtiest of road grime and grease. The Bike Brite formula contains corrosion inhibitors and brighteners that take out the elbow grease in doing away with other types of grease. Spray it on, hose it off, and you're done!
Bike Brite

Floorboard Puck

Parking your bike on a soft surface can pose a problem. When you put your kickstand down, you run the risk of it sinking into the earth, dropping your bike on its side. The Floorboard Puck kickstand pad was made to alleviate situations like these and fits easily into your stock Harley floorboard for easy access. It's made from durable injection-molded nylon so that you can rest assured that your bike remains upright when you park it in the dirt, grass, sand, etc.
Floorboard Puck

Chesapeake Performance Slayer Levers
Starting At $226

These cutting-edge levers, literally, will give your handlebar setup a distinct look. They're cut from billet aluminum and finished in chrome to fit '82-later Harley-Davidson models, as well as many Performance Machine, Joker, American Ironhorse, Victory, and Arlen Ness controls.
Chesapeake Performance
(410) 758-2575

Custom Cycle Engineering Fork Trusses

The 49mm Fork Truss was made to improve frontend handling due to its compound arc that sweeps upward and rearward, which imparts greater resistance to deflection, twisting, and bending of the fork. Also, with the addition of the large diameter holes that have been spaced out to a maximum strength calculation, this helps minimize unsprung weight.
Custom Cycle Engineering
(800) 472-9253

Drag Specialties Three-Band Grips

Constructed from billet aluminum with three soft rubber inserts, these new grips from Drag Specialties measure approximately 1 3/4 inches in diameter. Made for '82-09 Harley-Davidson models with dual throttle cables.
Drag Specialties

Eagle One Easi-Dri Wash

Do you like the actual process of washing your bike or car but hate having to dry it afterward? The Eagle One Easi Dri Wash takes the last step out of the equation. It's been developed with new sheeting action technology and a proprietary polymer that sheets the water off the outer surfaces as well as those hard to reach spots.
Eagle One
(800) 432-4531

Flyrite Choppers Pahhead Valve Covers
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There's something about the look of a Panhead's classic style that keeps riders coming back for more. These new Panhead covers from Flyrite offer both classic style and a modern, industrial-looking twist and the cast aluminum finned Panhead covers are available in a raw or polished finish.
Flyrite Choppers
(512) 918-2467

George's Garage Crankcase Bearing Remover/Installer

If you're a serious engine builder then this tool is for you. It was specifically designed to remove and install right side crankcase bearings on '99-later Twin Cam engines. The removal block is machined from solid steel and finished in black oxide, while the install tube is manufactured from Delrin.
George's Garage
(909) 843-7043

Harley-Davidson Multi-fit Touring Luggage

This two-bag system will get you from point A to point B comfortably. The bags are made from water-resistant materials with foam backing to retain the shape. The combo features four outer side pockets, one large front zippered pocket with removable tool roll, two inside pockets, and an interior key hook.
(800) 443-2153

DiChrome Shifter Knob
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These glass shifter knobs contain multiple micro-layers of metal oxides that produce an optical quality that will give your custom bike's jockey shifter a distinct look. DiChrome offers a production line of knobs, a custom line, and a made-to-order (HOT BIKE logo shown here) feature so that you can order whatever your brain can think up.
(877) 937-4420

Heel Guard

Has your passenger's boot suffered the burns from your motorcycle's exhaust pipe? The Heel Guard protects your passenger's boot, while also protecting the side cover's paint from getting scratched on your dresser or Road King Harley-Davidson. Made from steel then chrome plated, the Heel Guard bolts on to your factory passenger floorboards in no time at all.
Heel Guard
(406) 689-3102

Hot Toppers Rocker Box Bolt Covers
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**Hot Toppers simply mount over your stock bolts. They are finished in chrome or black and add a nice look to your engine's rocker covers, and if you lose any of them, or the chrome becomes blistered, peels, or discolors, Hot Toppers will replace them for free.
**Hot Toppers
(414) 282-5858

Ironbraid Levers

These hand braided lever covers are braided tight to prevent slipping and twisting and are available in 19 different colors with a choice of one or two braid colors with a third color at the tie off. They are available with fringe up to 16 inches or with no fringe at all. You can simply ship your levers to Ironbraid and the company will cover them, or you can order a whole new set of levers already braided.
(518) 674-0100

Ironspirit Backrest Plates

If replacing your stock backrest plate has crossed your mind then you've come to the right place. Ironspirit now has five new designs that it has added to the lineup and this Dice design is one of them. The chrome plated backrest plate bolts right on to Road Kings, Street Glides, Road Glides, and Electra Glides fitted with detachable backrests.
(805) 433-5033

James Gaskets Primary Kit

This is the total primary package for '05-06 Touring models and features everything you need to R&R; your inner and outer primary cases. Each kit includes gaskets with James' raised elastomeric sealing beads, seals, and heavy duty retaining rings. A similar package is also offered for '07-09 Touring models.
James Gaskets
(775) 246-2220

JIMS Billet Front Head Motor Mount
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This billet front head motor mount claims to be stronger than the OE mount on 96ci Twin Cam models, and JIMS 120ci and 131ci race engines. The kit comes with two tapered Allen head stainless polished screws for mounting to the head.
(805) 482-6913

Austin Steiner Horn Covers

These custom horn covers are made to fit '93-present Harley-Davidson motorcycles (except V-Rod) and are made of steel then chrome plated. There are many different emblems available from Austin Steiner or you could have one custom made. This Horn Cover features the Eagle with Star design.
Austin Steiner
(702) 277-6723

Klock Werks Flare Windshield

This batwing fairing mounted windshield from Brian Klock and company is now available for '96-09 FLHT, FLHTC, and FLHX models. Choose a 3 1/2-inch or 6 1/2-inch, tall shield in clear, tint, dark smoke, or a 10 1/2-inch shield in clear and tint.
Klock Werks
(605) 996-6000

Kryakyn Lighted Lower Saddlebag Accents

Light up the night's sky, and also your saddlebags, with these Lower Saddlebag inserts from Kryakyn. If you own a '93-08 Touring model with hard bags and you're looking for even more illumination, then these accents are for you. The small rear-facing red lights operate as auxiliary run and brake lights.
(866) 277-9598

LAT Synthetic V-twin OilContact For Price
This synthetic engine oil has been specially formulated for your V-twin motorcycle and it's blended specifically to withstand thermal breakdown. It also claims to protect against high temperature oxidation and wear. This 20W-50 quart also features the company's Liquid Friction Reducer (LFR) oil additive.
LAT Oils
(888) LAT-OILS

Saddlemen Roller Sissy Bar Bag

The Roller Sissy Bar Bag measures 18 inches wide by 21 inches high and 11 1/2 inches deep. The bag features a top pocket office organizer and lockable zipper pulls, and it's been fitted with wheels so you can easily roll it to the front door of your hotel when you arrive.Saddlemen
(800) 397-7709

Nash Bag

Need a bag to carry your jacket and some tools? The Nashty Ol' Bag is made of leather and features brass buckles to give it an old-school look. They measure 14 inches high by 10 inches wide and 3 1/2 inches deep. You can get one or two as they're available for both left and right side.
Nash Motorcycle Company
(360) 693-4225

Cruz Tools Road Tech Tear Drop

This tool kit fits right into teardrop toolboxes. The Teardrop includes everything found in the company's H3 kit: PowerDrive combination wrenches, an adjustable wrench, locking pliers, LED flashlight, tire gauge, hex and Torx keys, and screwdriver, but it also includes the mini-ratchet and socket set.
Cruz Tools
(209) 536-0491

Performance Machine Contour Bag Latches

If you're bored with your saddlebag latches, then upgrade to these new Contour Touring Edition Bag Latches form Performance Machine. They are made of billet aluminum and available in smooth or fluted styles that utilize the stock latch hardware for an easy installation.
Performance Machine
(714) 523-3000

Pro Pad Mini Beast Air Horns

You can never be too careful on the road of crazy drivers and that's why the Mini Beast from Pro Pad was designed. It is a true air horn that blasts128dB out of twin trumpets and was made to complement the stock air cleaner cover on many different Harley-Davidson motorcycles.
Pro Pad
(800) 403-2714

Saddlebag Armor

These hardened chrome saddlebag accents provide protection to your bag lids but also allow you to tie down sleeping bags or other miscellaneous items for the long haul. The Armor is available for all Harley models with hard bags and measure 6 inches wide by 19 inches long and only sits 1/2-inch above your saddlebags. There are also many different styles to choose from besides the Maltese Cross design shown here.
Saddlebag Armor
(503) 369-4515

Lowbrow Customs Cloth Plug Wires

Get that vintage look with these cloth spark plug wire sets. They're cotton braided and lacquered but feature a modern stranded copper conductor with PVC insulation for top performance. Kits include 48 inches of 7mm plug wire with rajah clips to install your spark plugs, a pair of rubber boots, and a pair of high-tension terminals for the ends of the wire.
Lowbrow Customs
(440) 479-8129**

Sumax Pushrod Covers

These polished aluminum billet pushrod covers from Sumax come standard on Patrick Racing engines but will work with Twin Cam, Evolution, and Shovelhead engines too. Each piece is CNC machined and feature a telescoping design to make pushrod adjustments easy.
(800) 654-5546

Motorcyclist Eyeglass Holder

This nifty eyeglass holder simply attaches to your belt and folds over at the top to keep your glasses secure. It's made from cowhide and built to withstand the elements and it's lined with pigskin to provide a non-abrasive liner for your lenses.
Motorcyclist's Eyeglass
(800) 400-3191
[email protected]

Tempest Cycles Razorback Handgrips

These new Razorback grips can be used on bikes using a single or dual cable throttle system and will fit 1-inch handlebars. They're CNC machined from billet aluminum and come in a chrome finish.
Tempest Cycles
(321) 724-0601

The Gordon Lockdown Custom Seat Lock

Custom Seats are a great upgrade for your bike; however, they're not very useful to you if they get ripped off. Keep them secure with these Custom Seat Locks from The Gordon Lockdown. Made from billet aluminum, which is durable and lightweight, these seat locks mount over the screw that holds the seat down.
The Gordon Lockdown
(510) 333-5630

Avon Grips

These black on black grips from Avon will easily assist you in achieving that "blacked out" look. They're made of billet aluminum, with rubber grip inserts. They're sold in pairs and are available for 1-inch handlebars.
Avon Grips
(800) 334-7477

T-Bags Bagger Windshield Bag

This windshield bag from T-Bags carries your constantly-need-to-get-to items. With three good-sized pockets the total storage capacity is 117ci and the bag fits FLHX, FLHT, FLHTC, and FLHTCU with 4-inch and 6-inch tall smoke or opaque windshields.
(800) 957-6288