Mooneyes Xmas Party Choppers

The killer choppers from this week’s party in Orange County

evo rigid chopper

We saw this Evo rigid and wanted a bowl of sherbet all of a sudden. Not sure why.

Jeff G. Holt

Not to be outdone by the bagger folk, the chopper crowd was well represented at this weekend’s Mooneyes Xmas Party here in the OC. Old stuff, new stuff, and weird stuff rode out of the woodwork to see and be seen.

Each year at this time, there are two Mooneyes events showcasing all kinds of custom vehicles. There’s the Mooneyes Hot Rod Custom Show in Yokohama, Japan, followed by the Mooneyes Xmas Party here at Irwindale Speedway in Southern California.

Both are terrific events that draw people from all around (but if you want to avoid the rush at the speedway, get there very early). It’s our privilege to bring you as many photo galleries as we can from both events.

Our first Mooneyes Xmas Party gallery focused on the bagger side of the custom V-twin genre. You can probably guess what we'll take a look at in the chopper gallery below.

xmas chopper

Look at the funky curve in that downtube!

Jeff G. Holt


Everyone loves a long Panhead.

Jeff G. Holt

cool red chopper

If this sinner prayed for a cool red chopper, someone listened.

Jeff G. Holt

black chopper

It’s hard to go wrong with black on a chopper.

Jeff G. Holt

shovelhead chopper

How much you want to bet this Shovelhead wasn’t trailered to the show (or anywhere else)?

Jeff G. Holt

clean rigid chopper

This clean rigid looks simple at first glance, but look long enough and you will appreciate the work that went into it.

Jeff G. Holt

old choppers

Old choppers, old cars, good times

Jeff G. Holt