Mikuni American's HSR45-5 Performance Carburetor Easy Kit

Now available for a variety of carbureted Harley-Davidsons

mikuni hsr 45 easy carburetor kit

Daddy's got a new 45.

Courtesy of Mikuni

If you two crazy kids haven't already met, say hi to Mikuni American's HSR45-5 Performance Carburetor Easy Kit. Mikuni American’s popular HSR Smoothbore Carburetors are available in easily installed “Easy Kits” for all late model Harley-Davidson and other American V-Twin applications. Included are kits for 1990 to present 1340cc Big Twin engines, together with 1994 to present 1200cc Sportster and Buell S2 models. Kits come complete with a properly jetted Mikuni HSR45-5 carburetor, installation instructions, and works with your stock throttle cables. Included is a special adapter that allows you to retain your stock airbox or use the higher flowing Screamin’ Eagle performance filter kit for an additional performance gain.

The Mikuni flows more air at full throttle to produce more peak power than other carburetors with bigger venturi bores. While at smaller throttle openings the Mikuni's smaller, yet higher velocity flowing venturi, together with its advance fuel metering system provides a stronger overall powerband with improved ridability. On a stock engine without any other modifications you can expect the Mikuni Carburetor Easy Kit to provide a significant 10% increase in power and torque, and up to a 25% increase in power and torque when matched to a higher flowing intake and exhaust system.

Mikuni HSR Carburetors and their Performance Features, Tuning Components, Replacement Parts and Rebuild Kits are available from Mikuni Dealers and Distributors in the USA and Worldwide as shown on www.MikuniPower.com.

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