Mercury Customs Central Wiring System

All-in-One Circuit Board

Wiring-scary. Well, actually, not anymore, with the help of Mercury Customs. Owner Joe Takai and his wife Pam have come up with a central wiring system for custom builds that brings all wiring connections to one mounting point on the bike. One mounting point not only makes getting to your wires less intimidating, but it will also make your bike better-looking for around $150.

Mercury Customs has developed wiring solutions for both the professional and home builder. The design is housed in a streamlined 1x4-inch footprint (circuit board), allowing for easy mounting wherever the builder decides to place it. This kit comes with a mounting plate only 1 inch longer than the board itself. The power-distribution terminal block is labeled, providing power and ground for up to nine electrical functions. In addition, an industry-standard micro starter relay is included, which allows connections to be made with any low-power starter button. The relay can be removed if no electric starter is required.