Mad Jap Kustoms Bonneville Shovelhead

Dale Yamada takes on a 1976 Harley-Davidson FLH

Three years ago when Dale Yamada unveiled this ’76 Shovelhead, he remarked, “I am lucky enough to be able to do what I love, make a living doing it, and be part of exhibitions like this year’s Naked Truth show.” Sure, but the skill and hard work Dale put into evolving the Mad Jap Kustoms shop into what it is today might have played a part in getting him there also…

Creating this build with the main goal of ending up with a raw, exposed motorcycle was extremely appealing to Dale. What made it even more appealing to him was that this motorcycle was one he built for himself; no clientele restrictions were used or abused in the creation of this custom scoot. Blank-slate projects like that are awesome opportunities to show off one's craftsmanship and skills to one's peers, while also allowing that person to express a different type of motorcycle creation than they would normally build otherwise.

“Working with raw materials such as stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminum and having all these metals complement each other as this bike came together,” Dale says, “was a lot easier and more gratifying than just painting or chroming the components.” Dale Yamada also would like to thank the people who helped him with this build: Billy at Tech Cycle Products, EBC Brakes, Gary at Auto & Marine Upholstery, and, finally, Dale's Lead Shop Hand/Mechanic, Levi Belland.

Yamaha Bonneville Custom Shovelhead

Dale Yamada dubbed this motorcycle “Bonneville” and with its stripped-down no-BS look, it draws on the Salt Flats for a little inspiration.

Michael Lichter Photography

Bonneville custom shovelhead engine

Its Shovelhead mill weighs in at 93ci.

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custom shovelhead with no paint

The painter sat this one out but the anodizer didn't.

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Peterson 400 series

Newbies might look at this and think “piggyback shock?” No, that's a Peterson 400 Series oil filter setup, son.

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Bonneville custom shovelhead profile

Mad Jap Kustoms bent mild steel tubing into bones for the chassis.

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Evolution Industries Diamond Terminator clutch

That Evolution Industries Diamond Terminator clutch looks mighty fine with this open powertrain.

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Motorcycle bike chain

Sure, you can run a license plate and turn signals on this bike, if you want it to be all street-legal and whatnot.

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Bonneville custom shovelhead rear

Liposuction couldn't make a back end this smooth.

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