Lucas Oil Additive for Engine Break-In

Zinc additive aids motor break-in

harley engine break in oil

Lucas Oil's break-in elixir.

Courtesy of Lucas Oil

Lucas Oil has released an oil additive specifically designed for breaking in engines that works great for motorcycles. Developed for race applications, TB Zinc-Plus Engine Break-In Oil Additive features an exclusive blend of extreme-pressure additives and works great for any new motorcycle engine break-in, as well as preventing premature engine wear when added to any motor oil.

Developed through extensive dyno testing, TB Zinc-Plus Engine Oil Additive ensures a more efficient engine break-in and provides for long-term engine protection. One bottle with a rebuild increases the zinc and phosphorous (ZDDP) content of your motor oil, which in turn increases the oil's anti-wear capabilities for your motor. The signature mixture of extreme-pressure additives in TB Zinc-Plus protects your camshaft lifters and valve train during your engine's initial use period, and continued use of TB Zinc-Plus provides the ultimate in long-term engine preservation.

Renowned for offering the best lubricants and additives for both consumer and racing applications, Lucas Oil's full range of high-performance motorcycle products have been tested under extreme racing conditions and will help deliver long life and maximum performance for your motorcycle. TB Zinc-Plus Engine Break-In Oil Additive guarantees a smooth break-in for your motorcycle and will keep your bike scorching the pavement for years to come.

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