Loopt Classic Bags and Accessories

Looptworks and Langlitz Leathers join forces

looptworks and langlitz

Looptworks and Langlitz

Looptworks and Langlitz team up for new product line.

Courtesy of Looptworks and Langlitz

Unique brands in their own right, Looptworks and Langlitz have come together to create the Loopt Classics collection of bags and accessories, made entirely in the USA. Langlitz produces a large amount of scrap leather as a result of their manufacturing and the partnership with Looptworks keeps that leather in use.

This collaboration pays homage to the golden era of American craftsmanship – beauty is the byproduct of uncompromising quality and attention to detail in every single style. The collection includes a duffle, tote, crossbody, card wallet and passport wallet with prices ranging from $60-$350.

Looptworks is a Portland-based bag and pack company who produce limited-edition products using excess materials. They are committed to only using material that already exists to make their products and have collaborated with many major brands in the past. Their products come with a lifetime guarantee.  

Langlitz Leathers is a 70-year old family-owned business, also based in Portland, who defined the genre for today’s motorcycle jacket and continue to make the finest leathers in the world.