Lock Options From Custom Chrome

Theft Prevention 101

Your bike is your most prized possession and you'd want to do whatever was necessary to keep it from getting ripped off. There are many different inexpensive options out there that may prevent your motorcycle from becoming someone else's prized possession. After all, you spent a nice chunk on the bike itself, you can at least afford to keep it secured. Especially if you're at a rally and there are 10 two-wheeled machines in a row for a thief to choose from, odds are, he's going to swipe the one that's not locked up. Don't be "that guy"!

We perused the pages of the Custom Chrome catalog and found many different options for preventing your motorcycle from being stolen. From cable locks and disc locks to ways to lock your helmet and jacket to your bike so you don't have to lug them around when you arrive to your destination, here are a few different options to choose from to deter those bastard bike thieves.

Deemeed Grenade Locks $39.99
The Deemeed Grenade motorcycle disc lock is a unique way to lock your bike. It simply mounts on a motorcycle's slotted front disc and comes equipped with a patented anti-drill proof lock tumbler mechanism. This lock is offered in three different colors, black, chrome, or army green and each lock comes with two coded keys.

Xena Disc Lock Sensor Alarm $84.99
Not only does the Xena Disc Lock protect your bike from being heisted (in the conventional disc lock manner) but it also includes an ear-piercing alarm that blasts a 110dB siren when the bike is moved. The motion sensor/shock sensor triggers the alarm when the bike is disturbed so if thieves try to make off with your prized possession, anyone standing nearby will definitely be alerted by the screams of the siren. Also, it acts as a reminder if you try to ride off into the sunset without unlocking it from your rotor.

**Master Lock Python $27.99The Python is an adjustable cable lock that slithers around your bike with ease attaching to any secure point, but it features a three-position cinch-tight locking mechanism allowing it to be snugged up without any slippage, just like a Python's grip! The Python cable lock comes with a 10mm 6-foot cable that can be switched for a 10mm 12-foot or 30-foot cable if so desired (sold separately).

Kryptonite Super Hard Wire Cable Lock $59.99
This large (length and girth) very universal cable measures 6 feet long with a 3/4-inch diameter so that it can be used to secure your bike to an object, or to be fished through your helmet/s and jacket/s if necessary for securing them to the bike. Kryptonite offers these cable locks in many different sizes for different applications.

The Bolt Lock $57.99
The Bolt Lock makes it easy to lock up your valuable jacket/s and helmet/s on those rest stops where you can't keep a watchful eye on your possessions because let's face it, helmets and leather jackets can be expensive. The last thing you want is for either to get swiped. The Bolt Lock simply mounts to any bolt on your bike (we mounted one to the rear fender strut), and the cable can be used to fish through your helmet or jacket with ease.