Loaded Gun Customs Harley-Davidson Ironhead

This Sportster got some tats

Harley-Davidson Ironhead Cafe Racer

That frame has seen a modification or two, hasn’t it? So has the Ironhead motor it contains. The bike is fun to flick around.

Michael Lichter Photography

When was the last time you saw someone turn a Harley-Davidson Ironhead Sportster into something like this? We all know it happens from time to time and has been happening forever, but most Ironhead customs in the modern era are made to look like old choppers; café racer inspiration is another muse that talks to Ironhead owners too. This one by builder Kevin Dunworth of Loaded Gun Customs is certainly café-inspired, but there’s more to it than that. Just check the paint.

“I have always been intrigued by the many styles of tattoo art,” Kevin says. “With my first viewing of the BMW art cars, I have been fascinated with maybe one day having an artist do a mural or some sort of tattoo art on the skins of a bike that I’ve designed. I was so happy with the profile of this bike that I called my brother-in-law, Dana Helmuth, to help me with really setting it over the top.”

Dana is known for his incredibly large and detailed back pieces and full bodywork. His eye for making things flow on different shapes and sizes of humans is just absolutely incredible to Kevin, whose question going into this was that if the bike has a human-inspired shape, what could/would Dana do with his style of art to the skins? “Both of us discussed the Sharpie cars and Sharpie bikes that we had seen and agreed we wanted something that would be a little different.”

With Dana’s heavy Japanese influence and years of tattooing under his belt, Kevin was amped when Dana agreed to get involved. The flow of the bike is only improved upon by the imagery created by Dana. It now draws you in even more thanks to all that intricate detail. “Motorcycles, with the multiple profiles they offer the end rider, are an amazing canvas for tattoo-style artwork,” Kevin says. “Not only was getting to collaborate with an amazing artist, friend, and brother very cool, the art we created on a purpose-built hot rod has blown me away.”

rearset foot controls

As is evidenced by things like the rearset foot controls.

Michael Lichter Photography


Race Tech made the monoshock that resides under the seat.

Michael Lichter Photography

hand-painted artwork

Just look at all the hand-painted artwork on this bike. Dana Helmuth brought all kinds of weapons from the painter’s arsenal to bear on this project, and he laid down heavy fire.

Michael Lichter Photography

painted motorcycle headlight

The headlight was not immune to paint either.

Michael Lichter Photography


Both headers snake around the lower end’s surfaces in tandem.

Michael Lichter Photography

motorcycle battery

Moving on to the other side, we see how the battery sits upside down between the bottom rails.

Michael Lichter Photography

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painted snakes and tigers

Snakes and tigers for the win!

Michael Lichter Photography

motorcycle solo seat

The thin solo seat is just enough to keep your butt off the rails. No extra weight holding you back here!

Michael Lichter Photography

café racer

That low-profile cockpit is straight-up café racer.

Michael Lichter Photography