Live from Sturgis: Day One


Krugger Motorcycles, Belgium

Brass Balls Bobbers, USA

Headbanger Cycles, Italy

Empire Engineering, USA

Roque Chop Design, Canada

After arriving to the 70th Annual Sturgis rally one of my top priorities of this trip was to check out the custom bikes at the AMD Championships of Custom Bike Building.

Located on 3rd and Lazelle Street (pretty much the epicenter of the Rally) is Champions Park, the venue that plays host to the AMD Championships. On the floor are some of the most off-the-wall, intricately designed motorcycles with exquisite attention to detail. Some of these bikes just make you go…hmmmm. But there are some of these customs that give you goosebumps, heebie jeebies, whatever you want to call it, when the hair on the back of your neck stands up, etc. And this year I got goosebumps.

This is the mackdaddy event for the custom builders to compete in, which is apparent by the works of art on display that showcase the talents and passion of all of these builders. It’s truly a fascinating thing, and even if you’re one of those guys who turn their noses up at some of the more off-the-wall bikes on display, there is certainly something to appreciate. Here are a few of the pics I thought you might enjoy of some of the bikes I thoroughly enjoyed. I’ll have more updates for you after I return home with the results of the winners so stay tuned.