Light Up For Looks


Gettin’ Lit Up

LED Turn Signal and Taillight Conversion for Safety and Looks

Part of the entertainment for many of us is to be able to find those unique modifications and changes that will make our bike feel more personal. Plenty of time is spent pouring over parts, both big and small, to narrow down our search for the alterations that will bring us the most joy and make our scoots the coolest on the block (in our eyes anyway). Most of the changes we make to our rides consist of things to make it go faster, look cooler, or handle better. It seems a little less time is spent on those pieces that might actually help us be safer while out on the road, riding amongst its many hazards. Is it possible to have form and function? With a few key items, the answer is … yes, you can.

We have been bolting on plenty of goodies to a 2011 Dyna Wide Glide and showcasing those changes in these pages as inspiration for your personal Harley-Davidson. When it came to make the choice on a couple lighting upgrades, we went straight for LED due to its great light dispersion and low amperage draw. We began by removing the original egg yolk signals from the handlebars and replacing them with TruWRAPZ wraparound (PN TW39, $89.95) versions from Custom Dynamics. TruWRAPZ is an easy-to-install, single- or dual-intensity amber light band that wraps around the upper fork tubes for a low-profile, unobtrusive swap to vibrant lighting technology. Out back, our Dyna was equipped with a pair of black housing Astro (PN 05-53RB, $129.95) side rail signals from Joker Machine. They were mounted in place of the Dyna’s ungainly taillights using Joker’s side rail adapter (PN 05-55-2B, $46.95). The Astros really narrowed up our Wide Glide’s rearend and gave us super bright lighting in the process. We couldn’t be happier!


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