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We know bamboo as crazy-looking green stalks with leafy tops often found in Chinese restaurants, sometimes given to folks for luck, or hell, stuck up people's fingers, but bamboo in our clothing? Yes, you read that right, and no, it's not uncomfortable, itchy, scratchy, and you don't have to worry about splinters. The apparel is made of Lee Parks Design's (LPD) exclusive Belanima Bamboo yarn and is "tough enough for extreme use yet feels halfway between cotton and silk on your skin." So why would you want the wood in your shorts, or the fiber in your riding gear? According to LPD, "You will want this amazing moisture-wicking material as a base layer in any temperature from below freezing to extreme heat." For more information, check out www.leeparksdesign.com, or by calling (800) 943-5638. Now check out the gear we put against our skin.

Lee Parks Design

Ok, we realize LPD's RaceBase Black Long Pants look like longjohns or underwear, but hey, at least you know they're going to be comfy like your underwear (hopefully). They're "made comfortable while riding a bike as well as just lounging around." So slip these on to wick away moisture while riding in hot conditions or to insulate in cold temps, or while sipping your MGD. Made from 95 percent bamboo and 5 percent spandex (good for potbellies), the bamboo fiber's soft and silky texture prevents the apparel from sticking to your body in hot conditions, it's durable and can be machine washed and dried, and it's eco-friendly; the "fabric's special agent 'bamboo kunh' prevents bacteria from cultivating on it." Add this layer to your riding gear with sizes ranging from S-XL.

Now, the RaceBase Mock Black and Natural Long Sleeve from LPD is almost too nice; it's like one of your good or better-looking shirts that you'd put on to take a lady to a nice dinner at the bar. No, seriously, it's nice-looking and feels as great as the undies described above, and it's versatile-you can dress it up or down, depending on where you're riding to. With durability, moisture wicking, thermal regulating, and anti-microbial features staying the same as LPD's other apparel, you have an all-around, versatile piece of riding gear great for almost any type of riding condition, and, perhaps, dinner attire. Available in sizes S-XL.

Boxers, briefs, or tighty whities? Whatever you choose, comfort and breathability are what you owe yourself, especially sitting in the saddle for long hauls on hot days. You know what I'm talking about, though I can't exactly relate. The RaceBase Boxer Briefs from LPD offer all the benefits of the longer counterpart described above, but you get it in a short and sweet package more in the form of underwear...err...boxer briefs. According to LPD, "this is absolutely the most comfortable fabric you will ever try on, guaranteed!" Well, even I sported a pair, and have to say the company's guarantee is tried and true. Get your own pair, available in sizes S-XL.

Just want a T-shirt to throw under your riding jacket? We get you, and so does LPD with the NatureBase Bamboo Shirt. "We used a special Raglan cut to make it comfortable while riding a bike as well as just lounging around." Not skimping on the features of the other apparel described here, this shirt could end up like the ones you hang on to over the years with the holes and stains, all in the name of comfort. You get the choice of black or blue with sizes ranging from S-XL.

How are your riding gloves working for you lately? If they are worn, coming apart at the seams, or are just old and crusty, it may be time to put your hands in something else. LPD's DeerTours riding gloves are handcrafted with very few seams. Most riding gloves are made of cowhide, but these are 2.75-plus ounces of U.S. deerskin, which according to LPD, "is more abrasion-resistant than cowhide or goatskin." As for the lack of seams said LPD, "each seam is a potential failure point, and fewer seams mean real safety." With a seamless palm and finger bottoms, these gloves alleviate uncomfortable pressure points as well as offer comfort, dexterity, and longevity. Available in black or tan in sizes XXS-XXXL.

Sick Boy Motorcycles

Sick Boy Motorcycles has a list of offerings to the public, ranging from bikes to sweatshirts, wifebeaters (don't get any ideas), underwear, headwear, and gloves, like these pictured here. The Sick Boy Gloves are a mechanic-style design that fit great while riding, and hey, having to perform a little mechanical work on your bike. The strong wrist strap with Velcro closure keeps the gloves securely in place, while the trimmed design conforms to your fingers, offering comfort and dexterity. Speaking of fingers, you may just be able to tell that you have all of yours and that they're in working order with the gloves' outside skeletal-bone design. OK, now we're just being sick. Be cool and ride like Skeletor by getting your own pair at www.sickboyinc.com, or by calling
(401) 722-2607.