Last Bolt-Ons And A Dyno Run

Steal Or Raw Deal Part III

Just as a reminder here is a photo of the bike as it was rolled out of the garage before getting loaded into the truck after Chris bought it; not a bad looking bike, just a little dated.

1. When we started rebuilding the bike, one of the first things Chris did to change the look of the bike was get the rocker boxes, cam cover, transmission side cover, pushrod tubes, tappet blocks, and a few other things not shown here powdercoated over at Embee Performance Coating. Also note that some things were redone in black.

2. Here is a look at the bike as it was last seen before it left the shop. The powdercoated parts were installed along with the old Bub pipes and painted S&S; teardrop air cleaner.

3. Here is a look at the different intakes from Exotx; there are outer covers for stage one kits along with velocity stack systems and the Torque Screen.

4. Chris wasn't sure which one he thought would look the best on his bike so he wanted to try them all and pick one. Here is the Torque Screen.

5. We planned to run one of the stacks, so Kazoo installed the backing plate and the top breather bolts for the motor. Depending on your carb there is a plate to match.

6. The first one is the Gattlin in chrome finish, also available in black or brass.

7. Next was the Old School with brass mesh inserts, also available in black.

8. Then the Thrust was bolted in place, Chris liked the look and style of this one the best.

9. To match all the other black powdercoated parts Chris picked the flat black Thrust.

10. Next to go on were the CCS exhaust pipes. Chris liked the look of the S bends. Kazoo removed the old gaskets and installed a new set.

11. Next, he installed the rear bracket to the rear lower transmission bolt, and then installed the exhaust flanges to the end of the pipes.

12. Starting with the rear pipe Kazoo positioned it in place and loosely bolted it to the head.

13. Same thing for the front pipe.

14. Next, the rear of the exhaust pipes were bolted to the rear-mounting bracket. Then the flanges were tightened to the heads.

15. Once everything was tightened, Kazoo started the bike and made a few adjustments to the carburetor to smooth out the idle due to the new intake and pipes.

16. After about 600 miles, we headed over to Dyno Dave's in Orange, California, to get some dyno numbers. If you recall in Vol. 41 No.10 we freshened up the motor with Screamin' Eagle parts which included a new cam, a set of tappets, pushrods, .010 over pistons, and head and cylinder work. Going into this build we knew that a stock 80ci Evo would only have around 50-60 hp so any gains would be good. But we were excited to see what the new parts along with the air intake and pipes would pull out. Dave placed the bike on the dyno and logged in all the bike's info.

17. Once the bike was brought up to operating temperature, Dave twisted the throttle and on the first run the bike pushed out 70.1hp and 66.7 lb-ft torque but was running way too rich at the top end. So after a quick main jet swap from a 76 to a 72 and one more run, the bike topped out at 77.1hp and 73.4 lb-ft of torque. The first thing Dave said was that if the pipes had baffles (backpressure) we could do better. Something for us to think about in the future, but as for now, Chris just wanted to ride the bike and enjoy the investment. Enjoy Chris!

Last month we wrapped up the motor build on our garage find Softail. All that we needed to do was get the last of the powdercoated parts back from Embee Performance Coating, adjust the pushrods, and put some miles on the bike. In the meantime, the bike's owner Chris was at a bike rally and came across a company by the name of Exotx LLC from Nashville, Georgia, who make custom intake systems the Gattlin, the Thrust, and the Old School. All three are available in three different finishes. Exotx also has a stage one kit with custom filter covers. There is also the Thrust screen that bolts to the carb and made is of stainless steel filter, that looks good by itself.

By the end of the day Chris also found a set of exhaust pipes from CCS Choppers from Northbrook, Illinois. Chris liked the look of the S Bend and the flat black finish. He felt it would look good with all the other black parts on the bike. CCS is known for making custom pipes for any build.

After approximately 600 miles were added to the odometer Chris headed back to Freedom Cycles to install the Exotx air intake system along with the new pipes from CCS Choppers. Then he took the bike over to Dyno Dave's to get some dyno numbers. Freedoms own shop tech Kazoo was ready with tools in hand to get everything installed.