Kryakyn Comfort - Ergo Plus Engine Guard

Kryakyn Comfort

1. We got our hands on an assortment of products from Kryakyn to help smooth out the ride with style. Here we have the (A) Ergo Plus engine guard (part No. 7888; MSRP: $359.99), (B) ISO-boards for rider, (C) ISO-passenger boards combo set (part No. 7902; MSRP: $399.99), (D) adjustable passenger pegs (part No. 7926; MSRP: $169.99), (E) premium ISO-grips with chrome accent (part no. 6212; MSRP: $74.99 per pair), (F) extended girder shift lever (part No. 1026; MSRP: $79.99), and (G) ISO brake pedal pad (part No. 8027; MSRP: $29.99). Not shown are the rear shift lever eliminator (part No. 1032; MSRP: $29.99) and Longhorn ISO-shift peg (part No. 8021; MSRP: $15.99).

2. We started with the ISO brake pad. With the help of a little dish soap, the stock rubber cover was slipped off the brake pedal. The new pedal has three rubber inserts. The inside insert is left off so the pad can be bolted to the lever. Then simply peel the backing off the sticky side of the rubber insert and hold the insert in position for 30 seconds.

3. Removal of the stock engine guard and installation of the new Ergo-Plus engine guard is just a matter of three bolts (one in the top center and one on each side in front of the footboards). There are several benefits to the Ergo-Plus engine guard. It's more stylish than the hoop look of the stock unit and definitely more functional. The Kryakyn guard is designed with an ergonomic pullback so your feet will feel secure with less outward leg pressure.

4. Never mind those bolt-on highway pegs-the Ergo-Plus guard features integrated highway pegs that fold out to help you stretch out on those long rides. With the pegs folded in, you still have a rubber surface to rest your feet.

5. Never mind those bolt-on highway pegs-the Ergo-Plus guard features integrated highway pegs that fold out to help you stretch out on those long rides. With the pegs folded in, you still have a rubber surface to rest your feet.

6. The extended girder shift lever measures in at 8 inches long, about 1-3/4 inches longer than the stock lever, thus allowing more room for your foot. Some people like heel shifters, but we're not fans of them, so we also picked up the heel shift lever eliminator. Basically it's a show-chromed spacer that lets you remove the heel shift lever and keep the shift shaft in alignment, thus avoiding premature wear.

7. The stock footboards were unbolted, and then the new ISO-boards were bolted in place. These new boards feature a shiny chrome finish, accented by rubber ISO-ribs that run the full length of the boards, providing traction-reduced vibration. These boards are also a bit longer than stock, giving you more room to move your feet around. The Longhorn ISO shift peg was secured to the shift lever with a dab of red threadlocker.

8. Sometimes on those long rides we forget about our passenger comfort. To keep passengers happy, Kryakyn offers its adjustable passenger pegs. This adjustable locking system gives the rider the ability to move his or her feet into several different positions.

9. Since we were going to be installing new passenger boards, we took the stock units off. The adjustable passenger pegs feature a two-piece mounting system that simply clamps around the stock passenger board mounts. (Be sure not to lose the detent ball that resides on the mount. The ball keeps the boards locked in the up or down position. Kryakyn provides a small package of grease to keep the ball in place when installing the new passenger boards.)

10. The ISO-passenger boards bolt directly onto the stock mount and feature the same rubber ISO-ribs as the rider boards.

11. Here's a look at the different positions the adjustable passenger pegs can lock into.



14. The Premium ISO-grips came next. On the clutch side, we were able to get the stock rubber grip off by squirting some WD-40 between the grip and the bar, then twisting the grip off. On the throttle side, we loosened the throttle cables, removed the stock grip, and then slid the new grip into position. (Be sure not to lose the barrels at the cable ends; they can slip off very easily.) Once the grip was in place, we installed the cables, closed up the control housing, and then made sure the throttle cables were properly adjusted.

15. Aside from reducing vibration, cushioned rubber inserts on the the throttle side of the Premium ISO-grips feature Kryakyn's ISO-throttle boss. This small paddle allows the rider to relax his or her grip on the throttle and use his/her palm to maintain/adjust speed. Once the grip is installed, the paddle can be adjusted for individual comfort via the removable end cap.

16. In less than two hours and for under $1,200, we were able to swap out a few key parts to make this fireman's Road King more comfortable for long-distance riding. Not only will this help reduce vibration, but we were able to do it with style while keeping a clean, uniform look throughout the bike.

There's more you can do to your Harley to set it up for long-distance touring than just adding saddle bags and a Tour-Pak, and bolting on a windshield. You want to make sure your bike is as comfortable as possible so that you can ride from tank to tank with as little fatigue as possible. Sure, over the years H-D has made some improvements here and there to reduce rhythmic pulsation of the drivetrain. But, as we all know, there is still plenty of body-numbing vibration coursing through these machines to put arms, legs, and everything inbetween to sleep.

Most people are under the impression that when it comes to outfitting their Harleys, they have to make small sacrifices, such as choosing looks over comfort or vice versa. But that's not entirely true. Kryakyn has been in the business of developing products that not only look good on your Harley but also serve a useful purpose. Some of the company's latest in the comfort category is its ISO line. Designed to help minimize vibration through the use of rubber inserts, the ISO line features a long list of beautifully chromed parts ranging from grips to footpegs to floorboards that will add a custom touch to any ride.

A while back, we were talking to a friend of ours who is a retired fireman with an '05 Road King (special Fireman edition, of course). He was telling us how much he loved the bike but was frustrated because every time he'd settle in for a nice, long Sunday afternoon putt, his hands would go numb from the vibration. Actually, the numbness would start with his hands and eventually work its way down to the tips of his toes-probably from all those years of swingin' axes and haulin' around firehoses. He told us he was in the market for a new set of grips but was having trouble finding a set that would be comfortable and yet still look good. We felt that a quick thumb through the Kryakyn catalog would handle all of his vibration woes.