KiWAV Belt Tension Gauge Unboxing Video

A quick look at a tool that helps adjust and set belt tension on your Harley

Keeping your motorcycle’s belt adjusted to spec is a crucial part of bike ownership. Improper adjustment of the secondary belt can cause uneven pull, premature wear of the belt, on-the-belt slipping of the sprocket, and other issues. The KiWAV Belt Tension Gauge gives you a way to set your bike’s belt tension perfectly for yourself.

The KiWAV’s body is constructed of stainless steel with a gold coating on the outer body. The gauge has two O-rings so you can see exactly where the tension stops along the graduated scale that’s marked on the body. Using those imprinted increments you can see easily what the deflection is at your 10 pounds of pressure. The KiWAV belt tension gauge sells for $25.90 and is available through Amazon Prime.