Kicker’s Kickin’ Super Speaker



Kicker’s Kickin’ Super Speaker

Jambox: $299

Words and Photos: Jeff G. Holt

Let’s face it: Working on bikes without some sort of background music is unbearable.

As a matter of fact, unless I have the music cranked up to almost unbearable decibel levels and a cold beer in my hand or on the bench while wrenching on my ride, it doesn’t seem like much fun and more like work.

Years ago I had a huge-ass PA system left over from my rock ’n’ roll band days hooked up in my garage with a 100-CD carousel player. It was loud as hell, and I had a ton of music to choose from, but it took up a ton of room.

These days, with an iPhone and Bluetooth you can have every song you want on tap. This is all well and good, but to tell you the truth, most remote speakers sound more like an AM radio than a Marshall stack. That was until the folks at Kicker came out with the Amphitheater B2 Audio System. This $299 unit has a set of 5-inch midrange drivers and a pair of 3/4-inch dome tweeters coupled with a beefy 6-inch square reflex subwoofer and will fill any garage or shop with some quality sound. The subtle curved design doesn’t take up a bunch of room on the workbench, and its solid black appearance keeps it from standing out or looking like one of your kid’s toys. The rear of the unit has hookups for both a 3.5mm audio cord as well as a USB port, but we have been using it via Bluetooth since its unboxing. The Kicker Amphitheater B2 also comes with a remote, but we downloaded the proprietary KickStart app and have been using that for volume and equalization ever since.

Although the unit has a small footprint and weighs less than 10 pounds, it friggin’ rocks. Everything from Ozzy and Randy Rhodes to N.W.A. came out of the speakers crystal clear, and when cranked not even the bass got muddy when it was close to max volume. If you are looking to kick out some jams while burrowed away in the garage, then I would highly suggest giving the Kicker Amphitheater B2 some serious consideration. Rock on, brothers and sisters!

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