Khrome Werks 2-into-2 Pipes | 2017 Baggers

New high performance H-D Touring exhaust

Equip your Milwaukee Eight with Khrome Werks new three-step 2-into-2 full exhaust system. Performance engineered, right out of the box this system will give you significant horsepower and torque gains over stock. Designed to produce the Khrome Werks signature sound, eliminating those annoying high frequency tones. Offered in triplex nickel chrome, black or Eclipse finish with billet tips.

Additional features:

Built for 2017 Harley Davidson Touring models

16-gauge 1-3/4- 1-7/8- 2 inch 3 step primaries

18mm and 12mm O2 bungs

Improved horsepower and low-end torque

4.50” inch muffler bodies with two-inch inlets

High flow absorptive baffle with expansion chamber to maximize torque

The baffle is equipped with removable inserts

200400 2-into-2 High Performance Exhaust, Chrome: $1295.95

200810 2-into-2 High Performance Exhaust, Black: $1349.95

201810 2-into-2 High Performance Exhaust, Eclipse: $1495.95

milwaukee eight custom exhaust

Khrome Werks 2-into-2 High Performance Exhaust for 2017 Touring – Available Now

Courtesy of Khrome Werks

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